Siemens SINOVA 3MT7 Capacitor Duty Contactor

3MT7 Capacitor Duty Contactor

Siemens brings to you a new range of Capacitor Duty Contactors for capacitor applications that are designed to accomplish special operating requirements. The Siemens SINOVA 3MT7 Capacitor Duty Contactor is a specially designed contactor for switching 3-phase, single, or multiple step capacitor banks in power factor correction applications, that suppresses high switching starting currents generated by power capacitors. When these capacitors are energized, over currents of high amplitude and high frequencies (3 to 15 kHz) occur during the transient period (~1 ms). The in-rush current of such high magnitudes is undesirable, and it is likely to weld main contacts of any standard contactor. The Siemens SINOVA 3MT7 Capacitor Duty Contactor is also equipped with damping resistors to suppress the high switching currents that adhere to needs for new generation capacitor systems. The damping resistors limit this transient peak current and make the capacitor switching safe for other components of the circuit such as wires and short circuit protection devices, enhancing the life of capacitors.


• Rating: 2.5kVAR ~ 100kVAR

• Insulation Voltage Ui: 690V AC

• Rated Operating Voltage Ue: 440V AC

• Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz


• Excellent damping of in-rush current

• Finger touch proof termination from front

• DIN Rail mountable and Screw mounting across the range

• Compact dimensions

• Conformance to Standard

  UL 508

  CSA 22.2

  IEC 60947-4-1, IEC 60947-5-1


• Enhanced equipment life

• Optimized solution cost

• Reduce electricity bills

• Power quality improvement

• Easy selection with kVAR ratings

• Low maintenance and down time


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