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Exploit the full potential of your machine and plant data to increase your competitive edge and generate new business models.
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Industrial Edge

The fastest way to intelligently exploit your data

The volume of data in industry continues to grow. How can you acquire knowledge from this vast amount of information so you can make the right decisions and take fast action?
Make the most of your data

The digital transformation of industry brings with it an unbridled increase in the amount of data generated. Production machines, machine tools, processes, and plants all produce data containing valuable information for companies. If used intelligently, this data can help you optimize your processes and products, make better use of equipment, and improve maintenance scheduling.


New business models like innovative service concepts are also being created based on the Internet of Things (IoT). With Industrial Edge, you can take advantage of all this data, locally and in the cloud, depending on your needs. Industrial Edge is an integral part of the Digital Enterprise portfolio that serves to transform endless volumes of data into limitless opportunities.

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How you can benefit from Industrial Edge

Cloud or edge computing? With Industrial Edge, this question doesn’t even come up. You can use both, depending on the application: Access your IT technology on the field level and process locally prepared data packages in the cloud.
Industrial Edge in practice

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Industrial Edge for IT experts

Thanks to central management and automated tasks, Industrial Edge can be quickly and easily integrated in existing automation and IT environments. And thanks to support from Docker and other tools, you can extend the range of apps for production with very little effort.

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Experts share their knowledge about edge and cloud computing in a variety of media, including podcasts, white papers, and blog posts.

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