SIMOTICS Active Magnetic Bearing-Technology

The intelligent bearing technology

Increased energy efficiency, integrated operating and service concepts, and the highest possible plant availability thanks to intelligent, cross-linked technology – that’s what digitalization is all about. SIMOTICS Active Magnetic Bearing-Technology realizes this trend with non-contact bearing technology for high-speed large machines.

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Active magnetic bearings

Levitating in the magnetic field

Greater efficiency thanks to a levitating shaft: With SIMOTICS Active Magnetic Bearing-Technology, controlled  magnetic fields center the rotor. That means there is no friction and therefore no wear compared to conventional bearings. Contactless suspension also means no oil is necessary which eliminates any danger of oil leakages: Also ideal for applications where environmental protection regulations must be adhered to or where process contamination needs to be prevented.

Precision – for optimum operation

The modules responsible for precisely controlling the state of suspension of the shaft automatically provide comprehensive status data at standard Siemens interfaces – for system monitoring, preventative maintenance concepts, remote diagnostics and remote control. Sensors capture shaft positions 16,000 times per second. A controller uses this information to adjust the magnetic fields in order that multi-ton rotors can be held in a position window with the diameter of a human hair – even at top speed.

Because the controller actively dampens rotor vibrations, the shaft can be operated at all speeds between standstill and maximum speed continuously in high-speed, high-performance applications – without speed exclusion windows around the rotor’s resonance frequencies, as in machines with conventional bearing technology.

Your benefits at a glance

SIMOTICS AMB-Technology in detail

Standard industry components for the highest level of reliability

SINAMICS S120, the widely-used and proven controller and converter technology, provides the hardware basis for the magnetic bearing electronics – this ensures the highest level of reliability, short delivery times and service personnel availability around the world. Control, communication and visualization are implemented with components from the SIMOTION, SINAMICS, SITOP and SIRIUS series. A customized HMI solution with remote access provides intuitive operation and optimum integration into the customer’s system.

Here's how the active magnetic bearing system works

Regulated magnetic fields of active magnetic bearings hold the rotors of motor and compressor suspended precisely in the center of the bearings. For this purpose, sensors capture the shaft position several thousands of times per second. From this position data, a controller calculates the currents required for levitation. These currents are generated by power amplifiers and are fed into the coils of the magnetic bearings. For transport or service at the machine the magnetic bearings are switched off and the rotor is delevitated into ball-bearings – so called back-up bearings. These back-up bearings also allow the safe deceleration of the rotor in case of failure of the magnetic bearings.

The animation shows the location of the position sensors, of the magnetic bearing coils and of the back-up bearings in the two bearing units of an HS-Modyn high-speed motor.

Standardization for efficient engineering and operation

SIMOTICS AMB-Technology also supports Integrated Drive Systems: In addition  to motor, compressor and main converter technology, Siemens now also offers the required bearing technology– for the highest engineering efficiency, which only a single-vendor strategy can provide. SIMOTICS AMB-Technology uses the same controller components as the SINAMICS motor main converters and, therefore, provides identical interfaces for engineering and service – this means existing operating and service expertise can be used, resulting in substantially lower training costs.

Sensor data for the best possible service and efficient diagnostics

An active magnetic bearing provides the information about rotor position, bearing loads and temperature required for modern condition monitoring without the need for additional hardware. This means statistical evaluation, data trending and long-term analysis can be used to develop predictive measures that increase protection against malfunction and minimize downtime.

Cross-linked for the perfect overview

Central monitoring and control of all system components – with the PCS 7 process control system, for example – is a central concept of Industry 4.0. All SIMOTICS AMB technology data can be transferred online – for increased personnel efficiency and system transparency. Because it can be controlled entirely remotely, the technology can also be used in areas that are difficult to access such as deserts or underwater.

Motor series with SIMOTICS AMB-Technology

Two series of particularly high-performance motors already benefit from optional serial fitting with active magnetic bearings.

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SIMOTICS AMB-Technology in practice

Active magnetic bearings from Siemens are currently used in turbines and motors. However, SIMOTICS AMB-Technology is currently finding many more fields of application which can benefit from its advantages.


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