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  • Last Update 2016-08-11 | V1.1    SSA-378531    Vulnerabilities in SIMATIC WinCC, PCS 7 and WinCC Runtime Professional    TXT | PDF
  • Last Update 2016-08-02 | V1.0    SSA-321174    Privilege Escalation in SINEMA Server    TXT | PDF
  • Last Update 2016-07-22 | V1.X    SSA-453276    Denial-of-Service Vulnerability in SIMATIC NET PC-Software    TXT | PDF
  • SSA-119132 (Last Update 2016-07-22): Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability in SINEMA Remote Connect Server
  • SSA-444217 (Last Update 2016-06-30): Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities in SICAM PAS
  • SSA-526760 (Last Update 2016-06-08): Weak Credentials Protection in SIMATIC WinCC flexible
  • SSA-818183 (Last Update 2016-06-08): Denial-of-Service Vulnerability in S7-300 CPU
  • SSA-547990 (Last Update 2016-06-30): Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities in SIPROTEC 4 and SIPROTEC Compact
  • SSA-751155 (Last Update 2016-04-08): Denial-of-Service Vulnerability in SCALANCE S613
  • SSA-623229 (Last Update 2016-04-08): DROWN Vulnerability in Industrial Products
  • SSA-301706 (Last Update 2016-07-12): GNU C Library Vulnerability in Industrial Products
  • SSA-151221 (Last Update 2016-03-18): Incorrect File Permissions in APOGEE Insight
  • SSA-833048 (Last Update 2016-03-14): Vulnerability in SIMATIC S7-1200 CPUs prior to V4
  • SSA-253230 (Last Update 2016-02-08): Vulnerabilities in SIMATIC S7-1500 CPU
  • SSA-743465 (Last Update 2016-01-15): Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability in OZW672 and OZW772
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