New Data Upskilling programme launched for Biopharma Employees by Siemens and NIBRT

Data is key in the drive for manufacturing lifesaving medicines

Siemens Ireland and the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) have announced an innovative training programme to improve data literacy that aims to transform how lifesaving medicines are produced in Ireland.

In a programme delivered in association with IDA Ireland, scientists and engineers working in the Irish biopharmaceutical sector will be trained using real projects to apply artificial intelligence and data analytics to create value in biopharma manufacturing.  


Siobhan Fleming, Siemens Collaboration Manager – BioMAC Biopharmaceutical Data Analytics commented: “If Ireland is to maintain its position as a world leader in biopharma manufacturing we must exploit the potential of data analytics to deliver process improvements and operational efficiencies.  Biopharmaceutical companies in Ireland struggle to implement data analytics. While there is a huge amount of data available, many teams lack the broader skills to begin their digital transformation journey.  The modern organisation in this industry needs hybrid teams who understand science, engineering, and data. This programme will support the creation of those teams.”


The programme has been designed to ‘kickstart’ the journey to digital transformation.

With a unique combination of classroom sessions with individual coaching sessions, participants will be guided step by step through a real data analytics project. 


Killian O’Driscoll, Director of Projects at NIBRT, said: “Our clients have a keen interest in the application of 4.0 technologies in biopharma manufacturing. This unique collaboration with Siemens will provide the expertise and guidance to help clients ensure the successful deployment of 4.0 projects across their manufacturing networks.”


Michael Lohan, Head of Life Sciences & Talent, Transformation and Innovation at IDA Ireland said: “IDA Ireland is delighted to see the launch of the new Biopharma Data Champions Kickstarter programme co-delivered by Siemens and NIBRT. This innovative Programme aims to empower biopharmaceutical companies in Ireland to make their data work for them to digitally transform. The adoption of digital transformation in Irish operations will further embed Ireland’s reputation as a world leading biopharmaceutical cluster, supported by a strong skills infrastructure. The programme aligns with the Transformation objectives of our new strategy 2021 -2024 Driving Recovery and Sustainable Growth.”


Initial sessions will be online, transitioning to a face-to-face setting as restrictions allow. Through these sessions and additional networking and guest speaker events, participants will develop a network of peers who share an innovation and digitalisation mindset. Grant support for this programme may be available from IDA Ireland. The Biopharma Data Champions Kickstarter programme will begin on 30 June 2021. 


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