Data Privacy is an integral part of Siemens' business activities by acting responsibly.  This website gives you an insight on the elements of the Siemens approach to data privacy.

Transparency and Data Subject Rights

We believe that a key element of a company’s data privacy approach is providing transparency on its processing operations. For this purpose we developed our Data Privacy Notice that you may access here. Our Privacy Notice also explains your data subject rights and how you can efficiently exercise your rights. 

Siemens as Data Processor

Siemens understands that using its products and services may mean entrusting Siemens with the processing of one of the most valuable assets of a company, its data. If Siemens processes personal data on behalf of its customers, Siemens offers to enter into a data processing agreement, the “Siemens Data Privacy Terms (DPT)”.


We believe that there is no Privacy without Security. Please visit our Cybersecurity Website to learn more.  

Binding Corporate Rules

Siemens takes the protection of personal data seriously throughout the Siemens group of companies. For this reason, Siemens was one of the first companies within Germany to have Binding Corporate Rules implemented and approved by the data protection authorities of the European Union. You may find further information on the Siemens Binding Corporate Rules’ content and the data privacy rights granted therein here.

Data Privacy in Siemens Products and Services

We built in privacy from the beginning. We therefore already take into account data privacy when planning and developing services and products, making data privacy milestones part of our product development processes. We strive to include data privacy into our products’ and services’ features and functionalities giving the customer full control over data privacy settings.

Records of processing activities

We believe that one of the most essential factors in creating transparency of data flows and monitoring and ensuring the protection of personal data globally within the Siemens group is the availability of an application register at the global level. It gives an overview of the relevant applications which process, use and store personal data. Additionally, we keep records on the processing activities to ensure the transparency on personal data processing activities commissioned by Siemens on behalf of our customers.