Health management

Healthy employees, healthy work environment. Its employees have made Siemens what it is today – and they are the foundation for its tomorrow success. Their health and well-being are important to us.

Health management with tradition

A man far ahead of his time, Werner von Siemens laid the foundation for today's activities in health management. Even then, he and his successors were already aware that the motivation and performance of his employees – and their health in particular – were vital to a company's success. This principle continues to guide Siemens' activities in health management today: It reduces risks in the workplace, creates healthy work environments and supports employees in mastering the challenges of today's working world.
Enterprises [...] also have the obligation to provide […] for their employees, not to mention all such measures [...] ultimately also serve to improve job satisfaction and their ability to perform.
Carl Friedrich von Siemens

Investment in the future

Our health services go far beyond what is required by law because we see investments in the health and well-being of our employees as investment in the future. Not only do we fulfill our social responsibility as an employer, we also support our employees in maintaining their best-possible ability to perform throughout their working life, thereby ensuring the long-term competitiveness of our company.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Healthy @ Siemens

Program for sustainable health management

With Healthy @ Siemens, Siemens has launched a company-wide program that drives a continuous improvement process in health management. An important element of this program is the Healthy @ Siemens label. This internal quality seal for sustainable health management ensures the consistent implementation of all measures. We aim to certify all lead countries worldwide by 2019.

Transforming the working world

Both the working world and employee expectations have changed rapidly in the last years, presenting companies and employees with a steady flow of new challenges. Globalization and digitalization change the way we work, demanding greater mobility and flexibility; work is becoming increasingly complex; and demographic change has an impact on the structure of the workforce. In response to the changing world of work, Siemens built upon the traditional approach to health to develop a systematic approach that actively manages health as a resource.

Mental Health

The impact of psychosocial factors

Psychosocial factors in the workplace – positively or negatively – impact the health and well-being of employees and ultimately the company's performance. Developing and maintaining the psychosocial well-being and mental resources of our employees therefore is an integral part of health management: We strive to minimize psychosocial risks in the workplace and to strengthen the individual ability of our employees to cope with stress (Life in Balance program).

Siemens concepts for stress management

The protection from psychosocial risks is as much a part of health management as the protection from health risks, such as noise or physical stress factors. Psychosocial risk management therefore is vital in ensuring employees stay healthy and capable. By adding questions about health and psychosocial well-being to our employee survey, we have taken the first step towards identifying, assessing and – when necessary –  eliminating psychosocial factors in the workplace.

It is just as important to strengthen the individual resilience of employees and executives in coping with stress and psychosocial workload. This is where our Life in Balance program comes in. Thanks to its modular structure, countries can adapt the program to meet their specific requirements. Each country can compile its own "Life in Balance" road map to help employees deal with stress more effectively.

Taboo subject mental illness – Breaking the silence

It is still difficult for many employees to report a mental illness to their employer. Experts estimate that around 70% of those affected are not seeking help – for fear of stigmatisation. We at Siemens have therefore decided to make mental health a topic and to promote an open approach to mental illness in the workplace.


An article on mental health by Dr. Ralf Franke

Healthy and fit employees worldwide

Promoting health-aware behavior

Siemens has established a high standard of occupational health and safety at work. We promote the physical, mental and social well-being of our employees through a range of demand-oriented and workplace-centered activities governing the four topics of psychosocial well-being, physical activity, healthy nutrition and medical care. We want to motivate them to prevent health risks at an early stage, to adopt health-promoting behaviors and to build up resources to meet the requirements of today's working world.

Healthy babies thanks to Healthy @ Siemens

Zika risk in Brazil: With Healthy @ Siemens, Siemens employees enjoy comprehensive medical care during their pregnancy.