Investing in the future with resource conservation

We use resources responsibly and in many cases we go above and beyond legal requirements. In practice, this translates to more climate protection, conservation of resources and the avoidance of landfills.

Environmental protection – over four decades of expertise

Environmental protection has a long tradition and has been a key issue for Siemens since 1971. Intelligent environmental management is taking place at all environmentally relevant Siemens sites worldwide – for us it is a standard. We using technological advances and innovative solutions to minimize the negative impact of our operations on the environment. At the same time, economical use of the most valuable and costly raw materials helps us to ensure the competitiveness sustainably.
Smart waste management

We close material cycles

Siemens is committed to preserving resources and materials as long as possible. Our goal is to stop contributing to landfills. By reusing, regenerating, and recycling products, we sustainably conserve our planet's resources and close material cycles. For this purpose, we develop profitable business models such as refurbishment, energy contracting, and 3D printing.

0 %

is the total Siemens recycling rate. With this number we are proudly going far beyond simply complying with legal requirements.

Zero landfill waste in Newcastle

0 %

of all waste at the Siemens location in Newcastle is recovered.

Responsible water management

Protect our blue planet

Millions of people worldwide are affected by floods every year, and over a billion people currently live in regions with low water supply. Those numbers are rising. Siemens focuses on actively managing water in the present and the future. Climate change demands forward-looking risk management. At all of our locations, we ensure that our production has as little negative impact as possible on local water resources. But we go one step further, providing tailor-made solutions for clean water and guaranteed access to precious drinking water. Since 2008, we have also supported the CEO Water Mandate of the United Nations.
Innovation plays an important role in advancing sustainable management of water resources.
OECD Environmental Outlook to 2050, from 2012
Effective emissions controls

Breathe easy: our clean air contribution

According to the World Health Organization, more and more city dwellers are at risk from increasing an air pollution. And emissions are not just confined to CO2; other industrial emissions also have an environmental effect. Therefore, controlling volatile organic compounds and ozone-depleting substances ranks just as high as an CO2 reduction on the Siemens agenda. In addition, Siemens products provide a valuable contribution to better air quality.

Smart cities: against air pollution

Air-pollutant emission has declined in many parts of Europe - but exposure to harmful air remains a challenge!
European Environment Agency, 2015

Why Biodiversity Matters

Biodiversity plays an important role in the sustainability of ecosystems. At Siemens locations around the world, employees are committed to creating an save environment for plants and animals. Their message is: We must help preserve biological diversity for a life worth living - for ourselves and for future generations.

A Wildflower Meadow in Braunschweig

Braunschweig in Germany is turning into a "city of bees". A large-scale research project is creating wildflower meadows to foster biodiversity; and employees of Siemens Mobility support this commendable effort with impressive activities at their site.


Support for a city of bees. Read the article.  

Employees create an oasis

At its Naroda production site in the Indian State of Gujarat, Siemens manufactures Reciprocating Gas Compressors and auxiliaries. In addition to their daily work, many employees are committed to cultivating the 11,000 m² of green space on the site. Not only do they have a positive impact on the environment, they also serve as role models for the people around them.

An environmental success story from India. Read more about it.

Sustainable energy management

Energy efficiency matters

Energy generated from fossil fuel adds to the environmental impact caused by CO2 emissions and other air pollutants, such as particulate matter and nitrogen oxides. It is our goal to use energy as efficiently as possible or to generate it ourselves in an eco-friendly manner. This is why we run our own energy management systems and are continuously implementing energy efficiency measures. Over the course of the last two fiscal years, 328 locations have put 577 efficiency action plans into practice to effectively reduce energy costs and emissions. This way we can boost economic value and support Siemens’ goal of having a neutral carbon footprint by 2030. Additionally, we offer our internal solutions to our customers and, in doing so, make an important contribution to protecting the environment.