Some whiskey traditions are priceless, others are costly.

The variability in size and volume of traditional wooden casks, combined with traditional filling methods, has meant that unbelievably most casks still aren’t filled consistently or are overfilled. This issue is costing whiskey distilleries precious productivity each year. Borne out of an innovation project with Diageo, Kigtek and University of Strathclyde’s Advanced Forming Research Centre, we’ve developed a cutting-edge filling solution for distilleries preventing huge volumes of spirit wastage, whilst preserving traditional production methods. Our solution fills casks, regardless of their shape and size to your desired capacity every time, faster than ever before.

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Unbeatable accuracy 

The solution was developed using a highly accurate Digital Twin to ensure the physical asset was fit for purpose. Simulating the filling process provided key production measures, shortened the innovation cycle and sped up build. Now in use, this cyber-physical system provides real-time fill monitoring meaning not one drop of spirit is wasted through underfill or overfill. The operator lowers the filling lance into the cask, where a Siemens radar system built into the filling head takes real-time measurements to fill accurately and evenly. Siemens PCS 7 process control system and instrumentation built into the hardware ensures a consistent cask fill, every time. More casks are filled more accurately and efficiently, achieving at least a 99% repeatable fill volume in 40 seconds.

The innovation project has proved that casks can be filled faster, more consistently, and to the desired capacity every time. This will create tremendous efficiencies that could change the bottom line. 
Murray Blyth - Head of Distilled Spirits, Siemens

Tackling the inevitable variability in cask filling 

When filling casks with spirit for maturation, businesses waste millions of pounds a year through inconsistent filling, causing underfill, leaving too much space in the casks and overfill, spilling spirit on the floor. By their very nature, casks vary in size and shape, it’s part of what gives whiskey and other spirits their unique taste and colour - something which simply can’t be compromised. Therefore, this wastage has been part of the process for centuries, something that many make space for in their bottom line and carry on. 

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