Driving your Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation is not just about technology, it’s about people; and organisations must consider it in those terms if they are to succeed. A digital strategy on its own will not be enough, what is required is a set of strategies to deal with a digital world.
Gary O’Callaghan , CEO Siemens Ireland

Digitalisation is dramatically changing business

A recent conference hosted by Siemens and IRDG in Dublin explored how Irish companies can prosper in the digital world.  At ‘Driving your Digital Transformation’, a gathering of international and local experts gave their views on how Digitalisation is bringing Irish Businesses new exciting opportunities. Over 200 delegates attended the Driving Your Digital Transformation conference in Croke Park where they heard from a series of experts from industry and academia as well as from entrepreneurs at the coalface who offered a variety of perspectives on digital transformation and what it means for them.

The general consensus was, that as our world becomes more connected, we are generating massive amounts of data from connected devices. The challenge is, to create real value from that data. A number of experts outlined the roles of Machine learning, Sensors, Cloud Computing, Apps, APIs, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and of course, better Cyber Security.

Opening the conference, Siemens Ireland CEO Gary O’Callaghan outlined how there are three recurring barriers on the route to digitalisation: understanding the technologies that are available, addressing concerns about digital skills gap within an organisation, and how to build and evaluate the investment case around new business models.

“We are living in a VUCA world”, he said. “It is Volatile, Unpredictable, Complex and Ambiguous. Despite this the digitalisation of Ireland’s industrial landscape presents a window of opportunity for boosting competitiveness by increasing productivity.

Irish businesses must look at their hierarchies, their decision processes, their risk appetite and their speed and agility in decision making. They must also encourage innovation and adaptability”, he added.

During the Conference the 200 attendees had the opportunity to learn about state-of-the-art technologies to digitalise their operations, to discuss how the digital ecosystem needs to be connected at speed if benefits are to be maximised and to explore case studies and approaches to developing new business revenue generating models.

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