Digitalisation: Making it real!

April 30, 2019                                                    Showcases - References - Solutions
DCU Alpha, Glasnevin, Dublin, Apr 30

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About the event

Digitalisation: Making it real!

On 30 April 2019, Siemens invites our customers to our headquarters in DCU Alpha, Glasnevin, Dublin where we will present highlights from our Digital portfolio including innovations for energy, infrastructure and manufacturing sectors, shared success stories and reference cases showing how our digital solutions are creating value for industry customers and society. Join Siemens and other industry experts for a morning of interactive technology demonstrations and immersive discussions showcasing how digitalisation is enabling companies and organizations to do things better than ever before.


9:30      Registration and refreshments


10:00    Presentations


12:45    Conclusion


13:00    Meet the Experts/ Exhibition/ Live Demos


14:00    Bio Pharma Sector specific briefing


Presentation Summaries

Smart Buildings: Creating perfect places with the power of data

Reference: Arm


Siemens Building Technologies Division recent acquisition, Enlighted Inc., will demonstrate how its multi-sensor-based IoT platform enables reduced energy use, improved space utilization, better environmental management and greater asset utilization in Commercial Buildings.


Benefit/Value Add:  The Enlighted platform can lower lighting costs of a building up to 85 percent when combined with advanced LED fixtures. In addition, the platform can locate people and assets within a building and analyze the occupancy of floors and rooms as well as optimizing the energy efficiency of HVAC systems. 

Using Arm, the UK based semiconductor and software design company  as a refernce case, Jamie Cameron will  outline how the Enlighted Platform has delivered significant savings to Arm from both an operational saving (making work spaces more efficient for employees) and energy by helping to reduce the lighting utility spend.

Reference: Leading Pharma Company - Europe


Benefit/Value Add: The Company is a pharma and healthcare company with global footprint. In the country of reference, the customer operates a production facility and lab site. The customer wanted to reduce their utility and maintenance bill on Air Handling Units (AHU). Using a systematic approach to audit, correct software and hardware provided a two year pay back. With continuous monitoring through a cloud based systems and Fault Detection Diagnostics with our Navigator Solution, the on-going savings and helping to better plan the future maintenance activities, thus reducing operational expenses bill and ensuring higher availability.

Reference: Leading Food and Beverage Company - Europe


Benefit/Value Add:  The customer has to comply with the Food Defence requirements from the FDA published in May 2016. The Siemens value proposition is based on our commitment Global Operations to standardize their solution for physical security at different locations. The solution allows the customer to deploy a global and interoperable solution with a single point of contact for program management, allowing the customer to govern its compliance process from one global operator station.

Unleashing the power of digitalisation in the manufacturing industry

Reference: StraightLine Energy Solutions - Escopod


Killarney based StraightLine Energy Solutions Ltd. has developed the EscoPod system, a disruptive thermal technology for the production of hot water to manufacturers such as the Eurofarm Foods Meat Processing Plant, Cooksgrove, Duleek, Co. Meath.


A gas turbine powered hybrid heat pump system leads to financial savings of around 80 percent compared to conventional methods of producing heat, as well as unrivalled CO2 savings. To measure the actual savings for the customer, StraightLine uses a Siemens cloud-based monitoring system which allows StraightLine to monitor the financial and environmental performance of the EscoPod system via remote access and to ensure that performance indicators contractually agreed with the customer are maintained.


Benefit/Value Add:  The Monitoring system provides Straightline Ltd with remote visability of the performance of the Generation Plant. This enables verification of the savings in comparison with the calculated cost of the original utility supplies. The monitoring system forms an essential part of the Performance Contract savings verification methodology. It allows Straightline to share the savings information with their customer enabling payment as part of the contract.

Reference: National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training


Dr Colin Clarke, Principal Investigator, NIBRT will outline how NIBRT is using artificial intelligence and data analytics to improve understanding of manufacturing processes in the biopharma industry, with the goal of improving efficiency in drug production. MindSphere, the Siemens a cloud-based, open Internet of Things (IoT) platform is being developed to apply data-based analytics solutions to real manufacturing activities and identify potential improvements in the manufacturing process of various medicines. 


Benefit/Value Add: The research collaboration will help drive efficiencies and improve quality outcomes throughout the biopharma manufacturing process. The ultimate goal is to leverage these technologies to further improve the biopharma supply chain and patient access to biopharma therapeutics.

Digitalisation in Power Distribution: Innovations in front, on and behind the meter

Reference: OVO Energy


Jon Turner will demonstrate how Siemens are working with innovative energy players to provide alternative solutions to how their customers interact and engage with their energy consumption while supporting the smartening and digitising of the grid.


OVO Energy is a leader in the UK energy supply market as an innovative challenger energy retailer that uses differentiation to promote growth. The company partnered with Siemens to deploy a customer-centric, smart pay-as-you-go (PAYG) system to enhance customer experience and improve control, as part of their Boost brand offering

The result is a true PAYG experience, where consumers – using a single central wallet - could monitor their balances, receive valuable predictions on available days of credit and top up whenever they needed to, wherever they were. Siemens developed the solution with growth in mind and by using cloud-based technology to host, the flexibility and scalability OVO Energy needs to grow its customer base is enabled.

Reference: Keele University


Further inside the grid from the meter, Keele University appointed Siemens to turn the UK Midlands-based University campus into the largest single, integrated electricity, gas and heat Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND).


It will be the first facility in Europe for at-scale living laboratory research, development and demonstration of new smart energy technologies and services in partnership with business and industry, involving the digitalisation of 24 substations, the installation over 1,500 smart meters, 500 home controllers and a 5 MW renewable integration package.

Reference: Gestamp Spain


Florian Moebis, Business Development, Siemens will outline how Gestamp, an industry customer is generating value from IoT in power distribution by improving energy efficiency and performance. Furthermore he will present additional use cases and value propositions of digitalisation in low voltage power distribution for gird and industry/infrastructure applications that can generate value for you.


Benefit/Value Add: With environmental targets and technology changes bringing new challenges in terms of reliability and efficiency of power supply, digitalisation of your power distribution helps you to acquire new insights and improve the performance of your power system.

Reference: Mike Lines, Total Integrated Power (TIP) consultant presents the use of Augmented Reality as a tool to accelerate the design cycle for power distribution systems. 


Benefit/Value Add:

The TIP approach allows customers to consider the design of the power distribution system in its entirety and supports optimising the system for safety, cost and resilience.

Mikes supports customers from the initial concept stage of TIP through to developing their power distribution designs, operations and maintenance plans.

Mike has taken his knowledge of what the customer consistently requires and worked closely with the Siemens SIVACON team to move the design work into the virtual world. Using augmented reality technology, it is now possible to accelerate the concept stage to design stage and support the customers deeper understanding of the challenges in design work through to the system operation and maintenance.

Digitalisation in Power Generation: From buzzword to value creation


Over the last few years, the power generation industry has been facing its own digital transformation. This is partly driven by the need of digital technologies to address the undergoing shifting trends in supply and demand that are reshaping the energy value chain, and partly due to the current Industry 4.0 global trend.


Digital transformation has the potential to create enormous value for both operators and suppliers in the industry. In this session, we draw a futuristic vision of how digital technologies will transform power plant operations and we present real examples on how we are currently helping customers to achieve value outcomes through digital technologies.


Reference examples:

  • Drax Power Ltd., UK: combustion optimization for heterogeneous fuels. Results: Reduced NOx emissions and increased efficiency, improved transparency and controllability, reduced operating costs. 
  • Origin Energy, Australia: Fleet management - Central monitoring and dispatch for improved reliability and efficiency. Results:  Global leading performance and reliability levels across the entire fleet, improved transparency across the fleet, increased efficiency.
  • Severn Power, UK: high resolution 3D scan as a basis for virtual reality and 4D planning and simulation purposes. Results: Time reduction for maintenance planning and higher transparency with virtual reality walk-through 


Gary O’Callaghan

Gary O’Callaghan is Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Ltd., Dublin, a role he has held since 1 October 2015. He has also been managing the Siemens Energy portfolio in Ireland since 2008. Siemens Ltd is a leading supplier of efficient power generation and power transmission solutions and a pioneer in building technology solutions as well as automation, drive and software solutions for industry.


Gary has a Certified Diploma in Accountancy & Finance and is an MSc in Executive Leadership. His MSc Thesis, for which he received a Distinction, was on the subject of Leadership and Culture, a topic which he enjoys and believes is critical in business today.


Gary is a Director of the German Irish Chamber of Commerce and of FIT Ltd, a not-for-profit organisation which is focussed on building job related training programs for long-term disadvantaged unemployed young people. Gary and is married to Fiona with three children. 

Thomas Frendo

Thomas Frendo leads the Digital Buildings group at Siemens Smart Infrastructure Service and Solutions Europe. He has been working in the domain of technologies in buildings for their users, owners and operators for the last 8 years in global and European markets. Thomas has been responsible for the deployment of new technologies and services around safety, security and comfort in Europe. In his current role, he holds responsibility for digital strategy in Europe, specializing in topics such as IoT, cloud, Mindsphere, data science, digital services and cybersecurity.


Prior to Siemens, Thomas worked in different start ups on the topics of big data and cybersecurity. He is a graduate of the Swiss Federal Insitute of Technologies of Lausanne (B.Sc Communication Systems) and Zurich on  (M.Sc Innovation Management). 

Jamie Cameron

Jamie Cameron runs the Enlighted sales, services and partnering efforts for the UK&I, Nordics & Benelux. Jamie’s background is from the technology sector focusing on Big Data and Analytics. He has a passion for delivering innovative and disruptive technologies to challenging business problems.


With a first class degree in Management Science from Loughborough University he is a keen footballer, golfer and kite-surfer.

Florian Moebis

Florian Moebis works in Business Development for digital applications within Siemens Low Voltage Power Distribution. After his degree as Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Management Florian started at product management for LV switchboards. With a focus on the customer application Florian is currently working on use cases and business models for IoT.


Within the last year Florian has completed several co-creation workshops with Siemens customers to support enabling the potential of digitalisation in power distribution.

Jon Turner

Jon Turner is the UK and Ireland Sales Lead for Siemens Digital Grid businesses - providing world class solutions across the grid including protection products, power consultancy services, digitalized software services and smart metering solutions . Jon has spent over 8 years with Siemens developing product and propositions predominantly around smart metering before the current role. Prior to Siemens, Jon's career was a senior sales leader with a large UK energy supplier, as well as Sales & Marketing Director with an independent provider of Smart Metering Services.


While Jon is passionate about High Performing Cultures, Digitalisation, Sustainability, Apprenticeships and Coaching he is also an avid Stoke city football fan.

Mike Lines

Mike Lines leads the totally integrated power (TIP) engagement into consultants across Great Britain and Ireland. Mike has more than 20 years’ experience in the power industry where he started his career as an apprentice with Yorkshire Electricity and continued his professional development through certification in engineering and electronics and more recently qualified as an APM Project Manager.

Jan Gebhardt

Jan Gebhardt is Digitalisation and Innovation lead for Siemens Region Europe Steam Power Plant business. Jan has more than 12 years of Siemens Energy experience, including stints as General Project Manager for nuclear power plant modernizations as well as holding roles in marketing and sales.


Since August 2018, Jan has been leading the Digitalisation team of the Steam Power Plant business in Region Europe with the focus on holocratic and agile team organization. Over the years Jan has spent many years working in the USA, South Africa and South America.

Salvador Sumohano-Verdeja

Salvador Sumohano-Verdeja is the Head of Digitalisation for Power and Gas in Siemens GB and Ireland  and is responsible for the development and implementation of the country divisional digital strategy. In this role, he is in charge of the planning and execution of strategic digital engagements to support Siemens’ clients in Oil and Gas and Power Generation to achieve value outcomes around availability, performance, risk management and cost savings through the use of digital technologies.


Salvador has a MSc. in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies from The University of Sheffield in the UK and a BSc. in Mechatronics Engineering from Monterrey Institute of Technology in Mexico. 


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