Unlocking the potential. Digitalization Survey Ireland 2017
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Digitalization is fundamentally changing our working environment and society. Billions of intelligent devices and machines generate massive amounts of data, creating a bridge between real and virtual worlds. Turning these vast amounts of data into value is a real source of competitive advantage for both businesses and economies. However,the level of preparedness for this change varies widely from country to country.

Against this backdrop, Siemens has been conducting surveys among companies in several countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Portugal – and now also in Ireland, where the company conducted phone interviews with 135 Irish business leaders between July and August 2017. The questions were not only about what digitalization means to them, but also how far the companies had already become digitalized, where do the respondents see potential, where barriers, and what are their current plans for digitalization.

In general, many companies in Ireland still have room to grow when it comes to implementing an holistic digitalization strategy and should therefore seize its potential in order to improve their internal processes, productivity and cooperation with suppliers and customers. Also, to be more aware of digitalization options than C-level-managers. And while international companies in Ireland are often more advanced in terms of digitalization, they do see their achievements in this area more critically.

Siemens is, of course, perfectly positioned to help customers grow their businesses digitally. Today, 17,500 Siemens employees are software developers (out of 351,000 workers worldwide), who develop a wide range of industry-specific IT and software solutions, including Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software, systems and services with more than 140,000 customers worldwide.

Executive Summary and Key Results

Executive Summary and Key Results

Who participated?

Surveyed: A cross section of Irish industry

Siemens conducted the survey through phone conversations with 135 organisations in July and August 2017 using a predefined questionnaire. Small and medium-sized enterprises represent nearly three-quarters of respondents, with large enterprises of more than 500 employees accounting for the remaining 27%. Nearly two-thirds of respondents are involved in operational implementation of the company strategy, especially in engineering; 19% work in top management and 17% in middle management.
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