Ingenuity for life creates perfect places.

Creating perfect places

Why shouldn’t all our lives be lived in perfect places?

With people spending about 90 percent of their lives indoors, there is no place where we spend more time in our life. So buildings are far more than just four walls. They are the places where we learn the most important lessons in life, where we encounter the personalities that inspire us, where the best of our ideas are born. Buildings are the places where we spend time with the people we love. And at the end of it all: They are our homes – and there is no place in the world that feels so special to us. We all begin our lives in a perfect place: In our mother´s tummy. A place where it is never too cold, never too warm, never too loud, never too quiet; a place where we can always feel safe and secure. Our life starts in the perfect place - long before we can even think. So why shouldn’t  all our lives be lived in perfect places? A perfect place – perfectly designed for its purpose. A place to learn, a place to develop, a place to grow, a place to succeed. It takes Ingenuity for life to create these perfect places – to give people a place to achieve their most ambitious goals, to give people a place where they can always feel safe and secure, to give them a place where they can live the life they want.
Our business

Perfect places exist today

As trusted advisor and reliable partner, as a system integrator, service provider and a product vendor, Siemens offers energy-efficient, safe and secure buildings and infrastructure. With our people, experience and technical expertise, it's our passion to help you to create the perfect place – your perfect place. Experience perfect places:

Ingenuity for life creates perfect places – with digitalization

Digitalisation allows buildings to communicate within the cloud. Billions of intelligent devices and machines generate massive amounts of data every day, every hour, every second. Enhanced communication with buildings is the key to creating perfect places.   Being a leader in the digital transformation means knowing how to create real value from this data with one overall goal: To improve our customers' buildings performance constantly.   Only when you can understand what buildings are saying is it possible to turn places into perfect places.
Building performance & sustainability

Higher grades thanks to more comfortable temperatures - that's Ingenuity for life.

Energy costs ran high across the schools and preschools of Sosnowiec, due to classroom temperatures that were too high and hard to control. This also had a negative impact on students' performance. For the authorities of Sosnowiec, it was clear that a complete refurbishment of the schools' system was essential: 87 schools had to be technically modernised in only 10 months.

Small changes, big results

We create results: Cost savings of 31 percent. Lighting power usage cut by 21 percent.  CO2 cut by 5,220 metric tons every year. Great results. But perhaps the best results were that with the help of Siemens, the joy of learning came back. Students are now more comfortable, more focused; their school performance is better, and grades are higher.
The EU has recognized this tremendous environmental and social impact, honoring Siemens and the city of Sosnowiec for outstanding efforts and achievements in the field of energy services in Europe.

The story of Sosnowiec shows how important the perfect place is for our personal development. But energy efficiency and performance optimisation for buildings are not only local challenges. If we want to succeed against climate change, sustainable buildings are a major part of the global response.

One answer against climate change

Buildings account for 41 percent of energy consumption worldwide, and produce a third of greenhouse gas emissions. As public opinion calls for more environmental transparency and accountability from public and commercial organizations, improving your buildings’ efficiency is a necessary move. But it is also a smart one: With energy accounting for up to 30 percent of a building's lifecycle cost, performance optimization is a critical step in not just meeting sustainability expectations and emissions reduction targets - but a key lever to improve financial, regulatory and reputational standing. Find out more about energy efficiency, sustainable buildings and how to turn your buildings into true assets.
Innovative products

Innovative products create perfect places

Ensuring keeping people and assets save and – at the same time – running the building automation cost and energy efficiently: Our comprehensive portfolio of fire safety and security, room automation and field devices offers the right solution for each requirement. We make it perfect for its user´s needs – for every stage of life.


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