On-Site Electrical Generation for Data Centres

Providing Data Centres with a reliable supply of on-site generated electricity
On-Site solutions Siemens

Power available within your timeframe

On-site solutions from Siemens puts power and control back in your hands

The dynamics of energy are changing, creating new opportunities for businesses, organisations and communities everywhere to generate their own power supply. When you make and manage your own energy, your costs are predictable, you have a direct impact on your sustainability and you’re not constrained by grid availability.


Competitive and Eco-conscious solutions

Greener than the grid, local microgrids, made smart and simple to operate

A leading player in power generation, Siemens offers one of the broadest portfolios of generation assets in the market, including gas engines, gas turbines and renewables. Our customers range from universities to hospitals to energy-intensive manufacturers to local communities and power cooperatives. No matter your specific needs for power efficiency, reliability and intensity, we have the assets to match it.

Tailor-Made Performance

Our portfolio of gas engines and gas turbines range from 150kW - 66MW and are ideal for small energy producers such as Data Centres, providing:

  • Best in-class solution for more efficient power generation
  • Low emissions and small footprint
  • Reliable, dependable and experienced
  • International experience within the on-site energy market
  • Modular approach to meet your needs
  • Lower emissions than grid electricity


Project Financing Options

At Siemens, we’re committed to providing finance solutions to enable your organisation to have its own on-site energy solution. Siemens Financial Services offers investment solutions ranging from advisory services to technology and equipment finance. Our fully funded turnkey approach, provides upfront construction financing and removes the burden of infrastructure ownership with payments made based upon energy usage.


A reliable, dependable and experienced partner

The latest technology adds flexibility and cost savings
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