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Productivity Bonus

Spray Dryer Operations

The Siemens “Productivity Bonus” allows operations to build on existing dryer constraints

Siemens Spray Dryer Optimiser 

Siemens Spray Dryer Optimiser is a market leading industry software solution. It combines the benefits of digital twin modelling with real time predictive control software to create a new operational “Productivity bonus” which will optimise spray drying operations for all dairy products such as enriched, skim and whole milk powders beyond traditional software approaches.


Many dairy and nutritional customers face complex challenges in improving spray drying performance with constraints in energy, temperature, moisture and CIP times, as well as downtime associated with introducing new products. These constraints are dynamic throughout the year as plant operators also seek additional processing capacity during the peak milk season.

Furthermore, global and regional dairy businesses require asset-to-asset process management and global process ownership across their operations which will create and maintain leading-class manufacturing processes in terms of costs, performance and compliance.


The “Productivity Bonus”

The comprehensive digital twin spray dryer optimiser from Siemens helps operators address manufacturing challenges with state-of-the-art industrial software that can co-exist with current dryer automation and control systems.


The Siemens “Productivity Bonus” not only allows optimisation of existing operations assets, it also enables a faster business response to market needs and further cost reduction of the product development cycle by fostering collaboration between departments such as R&D, manufacturing and quality.


The Siemens integrated platform is an innovative technology that utilizes a physics-based digital twin to accurately represent the real drying behaviour of your products. This unique approach enables better performance and higher savings than traditional approaches to spray dryer optimisation. The software solution will enable you to maintain product quality and achieve a step change in production efficiency. It is easily adaptable to new products other dryers and changing business priorities. 



Don’t create the future with yesterday’s logic.

The Technology

The industrial software integrates with existing sensors and control systems. Sensor data is used by the digital twin to calculate the current and optimal operating conditions and product properties. Optimal set-points can be returned to existing control systems, automatically ensuring the productivity bonus is achieved. Further insights into process performance are available through operator dashboards.


The solution is flexible and can be developed upon an open industrial edge platform allowing your business to integrate additional applications such as artificial intelligence, predictive maintenance including IT/OT cloud and ERP integration into your existing production landscape more easily than ever before. You have the flexibility of deciding whether to keep your asset data on-site and local, or to process it further in your company-based or a public cloud infrastructure.



Extended spray dryer functionality

Enhanced capability for machine-related data collection, processing, storage & visualization for e.g., condition monitoring, alarm management and AI functionality.

Remote Software and Optimisation Management

Reduced time to market for spray dryer software during operations with centralized device-, application- & security management.

The Business Outcome

Siemens’ digital twin-based solution delivers significant benefits over a manual approach to spray dryer operation

Reductions in variability through improved control can lift moisture content towards the upper limit for each individual product .

Find optimal conditions to allow the spray dryer to process higher volumes of milk; especially valuable during peak milk season.

Less downtime for cleaning leads to increased utilisation of the spray dryer.

Energy (and therefore green-house gas emissions) savings are achieved by reducing dryer exhaust temperatures and avoiding over-drying of the product.

Higher consistency in product and process operation allows the spray dryer to run for longer as operating regions prone to fouling/caking can be avoided.

in your existing production landscape to unlock further potential and compare your operations in detail.

Next Steps

Please contact your local Siemens Food and Beverage representative who will provide you with a precheck assessment that will help you qualify if your drying operations can take advantage of the “productivity bonus”.