Smart buildings: Helping through and beyond the pandemic

Smart buildings

A smart building is an active contributor to the experience and success of its stakeholders - during and beyond the pandemic.
Creating environments that care

How can smart buildings support when adapting to the “new normal”?

In the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic, smart buildings around the world prepare to reopen. What can technology do to support companies and their employees to return to workplaces with confidence? There may be new regulations in place to ensure the safety and well-being of the people. At the same time, some buildings are running on changed capacities and operators need to be supported in daily operations. From physical distancing and space optimization to remote operations, we are committed to supporting you with the right smart buildings solutions. We want to collaborate to support our customers as they face unprecedented challenges.

Why do buildings matter?

We spend up to 90 percent of our lives in buildings, and we believe that everything people do in life deserves a perfect place to do it. In a world where our fundamental health, safety and wellbeing expectations have been deeply impacted with the anxiety of a new virus,  buildings should offer a haven. Ideally, a perfect place to learn. A perfect place to grow. A perfect place to prosper. 


While it’s true that today’s buildings should be efficient, reliable and safe – these characteristics alone don’t enable businesses and empower people the way a true smart building can.


Adaptability is crucial. Smart building interact with the people, systems and external elements around them. They learn from past experiences and real-time inputs. They adapt to the needs of the people and the businesses within them by increasing comfort, efficiency, resiliency and safety. And today there is a new need: to protect people from COVID-19. When we use technology to support the people in buildings, we create environments that care.

COVID-19 recommendations for building operators

How smart buildings help support the fight against the coronavirus

Building technology can support companies in taking measures to protect employees, customers and partners. Our COVID-19 recommendations provide information on concrete measures.

A new approach

Smart buildings – a new team member

Enabling contact tracing, space utilization, without compromising on well-being

Health organizations and companies around the world have turned to contact tracing and physical distancing measures to slow down or stop the chain of transmission of the virus. 

When integrated with Enlighted IoT sensors, physical distancing measures established can also be managed by building operators through insights provided by data on the utilization of rooms or common office spaces. The Comfy workplace app allows building operators and owners to engage with occupants and keep them informed, safe and productive.

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Smart buildings solutions

Highlights from the smart buildings portfolio

Thanks to advanced building technologies we can support your core business. One of the most important systems is a building management platform that ensures all disciplines interact optimally. Room automation, for example, assures a uniform control strategy and creates a perfect interaction between HVAC systems, lighting and shading. Building tenants benefit from individual comfort control and optimal air quality. But they want to feel safe too. This is where high-tech fire safety and security systems enter the picture. They ensure appropriate access and simplify security processes. What’s more, all systems are flexible and can be adapted quickly and inexpensively to new room requirements and layouts.

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A perfect place is a place that’s perfect for a purpose


Creating environments that care: Customer success stories

Dubai Airport Freezone Authority | Dubai | United Arab Emirates

It’s all about the answer when you ask your clients, “Are you happy in this place?” If the answer is “Yes,” we can continue to grow.
Faisal Abdulla Al Belooshi, Senior Director Facility Management at Dubai Airport Freezone

Start building the resiliency of your business

Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio of smart building solutions to meet all your needs, including space utilization, energy management, safe and secure environments, location-based services and personalized workplace experience. From offices to hospitals to factories, we are committed to tailoring an approach that meets your specific needs.