Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)

Smart systems. Smart traffic.

On the threshold to the next mobility revolution, which is truly starting to gather momentum now with the rapid progress in the area of self-driving cars, old approaches are coming up against their limits. This is not the only reason, however, why the field of road transport keeps generating new questions that require new answers: smart answers that will help master increasingly complex tasks and simplify ever more complicated issues and open up new opportunities for municipal and regional authorities to actively shape the mobility world for the next generation instead of simply responding to changing conditions.

Re-thinking mobility

The main impetus for the 2,600 creative minds at Siemens ITS is their passion for rethinking mobility without ever losing sight of “old” challenges such as urbanization or climate change. Innovative and highly adaptive modules that combine into seamlessly integrated systems allow the development of customized solutions for all and any city or town. Ultimately, the goal is to improve the quality of urban life while offering each road user the most convenient transport options possible.

Yet, the unique knowledge transfer within our company brings even more benefits to our customers, for instance smart solutions for remote monitoring and maintenance, seamless integration of individual systems, or efficient analysis of the enormous volumes of road traffic data generated in the era of Big Data. The digital world opens up countless new opportunities. And Siemens ITS has the capability and capacity to leverage these opportunities to the customers’ benefit: with innovative software concepts for making tomorrow’s mobility systems even safer, more efficient and more eco-friendly.

Look at road traffic from the perspective of the responsible authorities and use all the capabilities and innovative power of a high-tech corporation to help optimize it - this philosophy is the reason why Siemens ITS is the partner of choice for municipal and regional authorities all around the world and the globally leading provider of systems and technologies in the area of road traffic. For close to 100 years now, the Siemens traffic technology experts have been working very closely together with towns and cities of all sizes. They know about all the issues, wishes and goals of municipal entities. This makes it so easy for them to step into the customers’ shoes and support them in planning – and ultimately reaching – the next milestones on their way towards the future.

Smart Mobility Solutions

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Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)

For conurbations, cities, municipalities or long-distance roads: Siemens ITS provides all the necessary elements for complex, efficient traffic management. 

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Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)

Smart answers, which make complex things manageable, shaping the mobility of the next generation.