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Thanks to our extensive service network around the world, we can quickly and comprehensively offer expert factory or field service support, maintenance, repairs, replacements, modernizations and upgrades of components, such as gas, steam and wind turbines as well as generators, in large-scale and industrial power plants, and compressors for the oil and gas industry.

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In addition to factory- and field-based services, Siemens also has extensive experience with remote monitoring and diagnostics. Our experts can detect even the smallest indicator that something may not be operating normally and follow up by recommending proactive solutions before the issue becomes serious. Furthermore, Siemens can analyze the data collected to draw trends on individual turbines as well as the overall fleet. The results contribute to enhanced turbine performance over the long term, thereby lowering the cost of energy.

We also continually look for ways to increase the performance of our customers’ operating plants in a market being driven primarily by an aging power plant fleet and the rising demand for increasing the efficiency of existing plants in order to combat climate change, conserve natural resources and meet the ever-growing need of an expanding global population. We will do this through life extensions and other advanced technologies to increase the efficiency and capacity of existing power plants, enabling them to generate substantially more electricity with the same amount of fuel. Such solutions pay off – economically and environmentally.

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Power Generation Services

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