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From strategic advisory to technical consulting and state-of the art simulation software solutions: Siemens Power Technologies International (Siemens PTI) offers a holistic approach to mastering the technical and economical challenges of today’s and future energy systems. Drawing upon more than 60 years of experience and continuous innovations in power system planning, Siemens PTI is a strong partner to develop individual, innovative solutions which create sustainable value for our customers and turn change into opportunities.

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New challenges call for expert support

Reliable supply of electric power – at any time, any place, in any amount required, and always of the highest quality – is a key requirement for our modern, increasingly digital society. Meeting this requirement is everything but an easy task, and it has always relied on an extensive, complex, and sophisticated power generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure.

Electric vehicle adoption to drive substantial grid impacts and billions in investment

Energy demand from private and commercial electric vehicle (EV) charging is expected to reach 791.9 TWh by 2050, per the latest Siemens forecast for the contiguous US, as a reference case scenario. Siemens finds most utilities are only just beginning to explore methods to address the pending planning challenge or the opportunities EVs present. This whitepaper explores the potential impact EVs could have on the grid and billions in investment. 

Sustainable development and integration of eMobility charging infrastructure

The growing number of electric vehicles and political initiatives are driving the demand for fast charging infrastructures. Siemens PTI provides a broad range of vendor-neutral consulting services in the field of electromobility – ranging from forecasts of EV adoption to detailed implementation roadmaps for charging infrastructure and customized workshops.

Versatility of Battery Energy Storage Planning

With the current and expanding opportunities for battery storage, utility planners and investors require appropriate analyses, valuation approaches, and tools to assess project value for this rapidly evolving technology. Within this whitepaper, learn how Siemens developed an integrated framework and analytical toolset to determine battery storage value for utility planning and merchant generator needs.

NERC PRC compliance consulting

Pressures increase to maintain a reliable grid

High penetration of renewable generation in both transmission and distribution systems creates uncertainties of system operation conditions, particularly when conducting protection analyses. Retirement of many conventional power plants causes system reliability concerns and existing and emerging regulatory requirements, such as NERC Protection and Control (PRC) Standards, which mandates enforceable requirements on protection studies. Learn how our experts can assist you.

Free webinar: Reliable Power System Protection vs. Renewable Energy

Global Experts Discuss: Reliable Power System Protection vs. Renewable Energy

Listen to the discussion to hear panelist from research institutes, distribution and transmission utilities, and consulting providers describe their experience in maintaining reliable protection systems in an electric grid with increasing renewable energy deployment.

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