Siemens supply-chain management

Supply Chain Management in India

Our Supply Chain Management at a glance

Value creation along the supply chain

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Siemens strives to play an integral role in all the economies and societies where we operate. At Siemens We Believe in Creating Value along the Supply Chain for our customers and Business.
  • Our activities are executed within the boundaries of our Sustainability principles and it requires that suppliers must adhere to the Code of Conduct for Siemens Suppliers and Third Party Intermediaries.
  • Our actions are consistent with our vision of taking India SCM to the next Level in all respects of Digitalization, Environmental Sustainability & Protecting Natural Resources, innovation, productivity, Safety & quality.
  • Together with our suppliers, we see us in a world full of transparent & trustworthy Supply Chain using electronics connectivity to help with faster, Secure, smooth and paperless transactions.
Country specific

Requirements for collaborating with Siemens in India

General collaboration

Read about how to work with us as a Siemens supplier, which information is important and which requirements apply.