Information on the Covid-19 situation


The health and safety of its people is of the highest priority for Siemens Limited, India, and steps have been taken to protect its employees, keeping them healthy and safe, while also ensuring business continuity.   A cross-functional Siemens Task Force is constantly reviewing the situation to ensure that Siemens Limited is prepared for all eventualities and that measures are being implemented to keep its employees safe at all times. These measures include Work from Home for all sales and office staff and a closure of some of the manufacturing facilities, in addition to disinfecting and sanitizing Siemens’ offices and plants around the country. Siemens is doing everything it can to continue support customers and partners as far as possible. This is true especially in areas where, together with customers, Siemens provides products and services for critical infrastructure. Siemens is also complying with Government directives.   

Siemens India commits Rs. 20 crore in fight against COVID-19