Elecrama 2018

10-14 March 2018
Elecrama 2018, Hall 3, Stall no. A2C1

Unlock the Power of Digitalization

Seize the opportunities in energy, manufacturing and infrastructure.

Digitalization is changing our world – and the world of industry – in tangible ways. The digital transformation is creating new competitive advantages and business models in manufacturing and the power industry.

Visit us at Elecrama 2018 and experience our portfolio of digital ready products, solutions, and services that can offer lower costs, improved production quality, flexibility and efficiency in manufacturing, energy and infrastructure. As a trusted partner for the development and extension of an efficient power infrastructure, we offer infrastructure utilities and industry the portfolio they need. Companies can gain from shorter response time to customer requests and market demands by streamlining and digitalizing their entire business process, seamlessly integrating suppliers into the mix. Productivity and energy efficiency can increase thanks to an intelligent, digitally managed power transmission and distribution.

Solutions for your digital enterprise is already here - regardless of the sector or company size. Seize the opportunities provided by digitalization with us.

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Energy Management Highlights

Digital Grids: Blaze the trail to the future of the energy business

The evolution towards a smarter grid is the most comprehensive and disruptive development to confront the energy industry since mass electricity distribution was first introduced more than a century ago. One-way flows are evolving into multi-directional flows of energy and digital information. The resulting complexity requires a new, integrated and secure approach to delivering the right information technology and operational technology solutions that will help define success for a smarter, interconnected and distributed future grid.

Key Benefits:

  • A complete end-to-end spectrum of technologies, products, services and solutions, designed for all partners in the energy industry. Siemens works closely with energy producers, grid operators, industrial companies, multi-utilities, cities and rail operators to help them meet the challenges of the new era.
  • The industry’s most innovative IT solutions to optimize information and communication. The more intelligent these systems are, the more useful and valuable the information generated from field data becomes. Incorporating digital sensing and automated analytics across the entire energy system will revolutionize the industry.
  • Moving towards a more efficient, reliable, resilient and responsive grid.
  • Enabling a paradigm shift away from a centralized, reactive and producer-controlled network. Fundamental modernization of current installations is necessary to master growing demands and to operate safely in the increasingly complex environment of the future.
  • Experience solutions like Process Bus in Digital Sub-Station with digitally enhanced NCIT’s (Non Conventional Instrument transformers) and Merging Units (MU’s) as key technology components, the power line carrier solution for Digital Transmission Grids, SIGUARD Protection Security Assessment, Industrial and domestic distribution system. Technologies for the Grid also include Spectrum Power™ ADMS Control Center – The Digital Brain of the Distribution Grid, Self Healing solution in distribution network, EnergyIP – The leading Grid Applications platform,
  • Solutions for E-Mobility infrastructure management and Cyber Security Solutions that protect your critical assets. Power Quality Management with Protection, Monitoring, Instrumentation, Metering, Logic, Fault Reporting and Data Logging.

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High-voltage Products: Efficient, high-performance, safe and reliable energy transmission

Siemens high-voltage products offer low life cycle costs with optimum availability, cost-efficient continuous operation and short commissioning times. We provide global support and guarantee the highest quality through optimized production processes, constant product development and a certified quality management system.

Key benefits:

  • Solution like Digital Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS), Optical Current Transformer and Circuit Breaker with composite insulator
  • Environment friendly Circuit Breaker using Vacuum interrupter
  • Remote Grid operations, predictive asset management and Green substation
  • Communicable real time digital data are made available for IoT applications

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Transmission Solutions: Ahead of the challenge, ahead of the change – with agility

As a global leader in power transmission technology and a long-standing, trusted partner of public entities and private enterprises, such as utilities and grid operators, Siemens has always been in the vanguard of technical development. Various factors will dominate the power transmission market in the years to come: the drive toward renewable energy, the expansion and interconnection of grid infrastructures, and the need to gradually replace and upgrade aging grid infrastructures. We provide the latest and most efficient transmission solutions, equipment and system packages, to deliver under even the harshest of grid conditions.

Key benefits:

  • Turnkey Solution such as HVDC/FACTS and AIS Substations up to 765kV and GIS Substation up to 400kV across India and SAARC countries
  • Complete in-house Engineering & Project Management Capabilities
  • Bulk power Transfer with low losses and Improvement of Power Quality by implementation of technologies such as FACTS/HVDC
  • Higher Transmission ratings up to 400kV, 5000A, 63kA/3s for underground transmission applications by using GIL technology
  • Use of technologies with provision of digital integration with load centers

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Energy Management Services: Comprehensive Services from a single source

A customer-centric mindset is at the foundation of what we do. The Energy Management Service team is highly skilled and deeply committed to the customer’s success and to working together at every step of the way. By pushing the technological envelope and dedicating significant resources to research and development, Energy Management Service is at the forefront of developing a broad portfolio of innovative and value-added service solutions designed to improve the efficiency, reliability and availability of your assets.

Key benefits:

  • Solutions for the complete portfolio under Energy Management including Medium Voltage products, High Voltage products, Transformers and GIS.
  • Key offerings include a variety of monitoring equipments as well as a wide range of services, right from technical support at site and retrofit of breakers to comprehensive operation and maintenance of a sub-station.
  • Catering to the customer segments of Industry, Utility and EPC’s, and for both OEM as well as non-OEM products.
  • Provides the latest in monitoring solutions with product installations across the world. ‘RCAM Dynamics’ that can suitably be customized onto electrical assets for a predictive maintenance; ‘SITRAM TDCM’ a one stop solution for monitoring transformers, and ‘Asset Guard’ for breakers are few of the many intelligent devices available as part of providing digital services for Substations.

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Medium Voltage Systems - Economical and reliable power distribution

The primary task of medium-voltage switchgear is economical and reliable power distribution. Siemens takes this responsibility seriously and offer products and solutions for medium-voltage systems to our customers around the world. Our optimally coordinated systems meet the growing technical requirements and ensure reliable power distribution – in air-insulated or gas-insulated switchgear, and for applications outdoors or on the ocean floor.

Key Benefits:

  • A comprehensive portfolio for medium-voltage power distribution enables a more economical and responsible use of electrical power through the utilization of smart grids.
  • An integrated approach to medium-voltage power distribution is the basis for green cities; energy-efficient infrastructure, buildings and industrial applications, and high supply reliability.

Siemens offers a consistent, comprehensive portfolio of innovative energy distribution solutions from initial planning to commissioning and expert service, all from a single source.

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Manufacturing Highlights

Digital Enterprise: Realise your digital tranformation

Realise your digital tranformation for discrete and process industries

The Digital Enterprise Suite enables manufacturing companies both in discrete and process industries to digitalize and integrate their entire manufacturing value chain, including suppliers. They can begin at any point of their value chain, and can be addressed in its entirety from Product design, Production Design to Operations to Service and can extend digitalization gradually, depending on their current needs.

Focus Industries: Automotive, Cement, Food & Beverages Marine, Metals & Mining, Pharma, Steel etc.

Key benefits:

  • Faster engineering. Reliable commissioning.
  • Automated execution of engineering tasks in production engineering
  • Faster maintenance. Sustainable savings.
  • Efficient cloud-based engineering in production engineering.
  • Virtual commissioning in production engineering.
  • Data acquisition for cloud services in production execution.
  • Industrial Communication in production execution.
  • Integrated energy management in production execution.

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Your gateway to automation in the Digital Enterprise

TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) Portal offers unrestricted access to our complete range of digitalized automation services, from digital planning and integrated engineering to transparent operation.

Also on display: the next generation of Mechatronics Concept Designer, which has revolutionized the machine design process, helping to design faster and with higher quality.

Key benefits:

  • The Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) increases flexibility of machine builders and plant operators through digital workflow. With flexible cloud solutions, the Virtual commissioning with a Digital Twin and open interfaces for higher connectivity allow you to work open, virtually and networked.
  • Reduce cost and time to market
  • Achieve high performance and productivity

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MindSphere is the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens that connects your products, plants, systems, and machines, enabling you to harness the wealth of data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) with advanced analytics.

Key benefits:

  • Manufacturers can use MindSphere to monitor their globally distributed machines, plants and shop-floor equipment. And they can use the operational data from their shop-floor assets for predictive maintenance, energy data management or resource optimization by using MindApps, apps that have been developed especially for MindSphere by Siemens and other developers.
  • MindSphere enables manufacturers to offer their customers tailored, data-based services, using either existing MindApps (e.g. for predictive maintenance or energy management) or individually developed apps. They can offer their customers new business models such as products “as-a-service” rather than offering the products themselves (e.g. offering machine hours for sale).

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Low Voltage Switchgear: Making sure power makes its way

Consistent, safe, and intelligent low-voltage power distribution and electrical installation technology.

While strengthening its core products with the entire range of SIRIUS Switching and Protection devices on display, Siemens would also showcase a virtual ICP panel, SIVACON/SIEPAN Panels conforming to IEC 61439  and intelligent DBs which carries the story of digitalization ahead. Siemens would also present the supremacy in application relevant Motor Starting Devices, Safety Relays and Intelligent iMCCs.

Newly introduced products include SENTRON 3VA MCCBs, Betagard 5SL MCBs & 5SV RCCBs, SIRIUS 3RW5 Soft starters and SIRIUS ACT on PROFINET.

Key benefits:

  • All Siemens switchear products are well integrated in Industry 4.0
  • It offers IEC/EN and UL standard compliant products required for the switching, protection ,starting of motors and systems, measuring and monitoring devices from a single source. The permanent advancement and continuous innovation of CP products optimally prepares our customers for current and future requirements. Modular designs across the product basket maximizes configuration and operational flexibility
  • Communication-capable products and systems support integration into various industrial & building automation systems which provides them with efficient solutions.

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Low & Medium Voltage Drives: Reliable operation, ready for digitalization

Siemens’ extensive portfolio of low voltage drive systems is the most complete and thoroughly integrated family of drives in the world. With a high level of flexibility, functionality and engineering comfort, our systems cover all performance levels — from simple frequency converter tasks and coordinated drives through to motion control tasks.

Key highlights:

  • High performance V90 servo drive system(working model)
  • New smart access module with Sinamics V20 for wifi access
  • New drive system comprising SINAMICS S210 and SIMOTICS S-1FK2 motors
  • Sinamics G120, the modular inverter: compact, safe and rugged
  • SINAMICS S120 cabinet modules: particularly suited to applications where several drives must work together coordinated. DRIVE-CLiQ, the new interface inside the drive, allows fast and reliable communications between the essential SINAMICS S120 drive components including motors and encoders. The PROFIBUS or PROFINET interface integrated as standard allows the SINAMICS S120 Cabinet Modules to be connected to higher-level automation systems such as SIMATIC or SIMOTION. The standard and integrated SIZER and STARTER tools provide valuable support when engineering the drive, commissioning it and troubleshooting (diagnostics).

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Low & Medium Voltage Motors: Without Peer

A portfolio of energy efficient and super energy efficient motors on display that showcase the Siemens strength in these segments.

Siemens also has the most reliable medium voltage motors through its SIMOTICS HV range. The IIOT based SMART box can transform a Standard SIEMENS MV Motor into a SMART SIEMENS MV Motor. The SMART SIEMENS MV Motor monitors and communicates its own health parameters over the internet so that basic operating data can be accessed from a remote device for data analytics and predictability.

Key benefits:

  • Condition monitoring and predictive data would improve the overall motor efficiency, provide a high degree of reliability and result in considerable cost savings.
  • Real time alerts can be made available on smart phones, tabs and computers through our cloud based SMART box Dashboard.
  • Highly reliable energy efficient motors for various applications. By making the decision to use energy efficient motors, the customer can lower their energy costs and have a positive effect on the environment as well.

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Gear Units: Price, performance and reliability – the universal gear unit solution

The most suitable gear unit solution provides the perfect balance between performance, efficiency and costs. Our gear units are equipped with special sensors to record important physical variables with the aim of comparing operational load spectra with the fatigue strength of individual gear unit components over time and thus to match up the gear unit and the working machine perfectly for the long term.

Key benefits:

  • Improved processes through full transparency of the operational load data.
  • Lower investment costs through use of optimum gear unit sizes.
  • Improved reliability through optimization of individual components. Increased productivity through more efficient gear unit solutions.
  • Improved energy efficiency through optimum gear unit sizing.
  • Lower life cycle costs through reduction of the service and spare parts costs. Increased availability through less downtime and service.

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Solutions for Marine: For the right course, partnership matters

Future ready solutions of electric propulsion system and hybrid propulsion system for commercial and naval vessel. The design and the entire lifecycle management for the electrical system of the ships is managed via the digital platform of SISHIP for the customers.

Key benefits:

  • The medium voltage electric propulsion technology for ships and submarines helps to reduce its carbon footprint. It also increases the ship’s stealth capability for the naval requirement.
  • Siemens Marine supplies hybrid propulsion solutions for existing or new ships to complement the power of the main engine. The resulting improved maneuverability with our drives further shortens docking and undocking times, while the use of electrical and electronic standards reduces operating costs.

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Solutions for Cement: Integrated Cement Solutions for the Cement Industry

SIMULEX, the cement process simulator gets integrated into Cemat. The result is realistic training on a plants’ process control system. It’s possible to view a one-to-one representation of the plant, including all operating elements, faceplates, alarms and messages.

Key benefits:

  • Reliability is the top most priority for the cement and mineral customer. SIMULEX offers reliability by making it possible to view the entire plants’ process control system in a single view.
  • Also it makes it possible to train for critical situations, increase overall plant safety and address quickly any repairs and maintenance issues thereby lowering the costs and increasing the overall efficiency of the plant.

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Digital industry service solutions: Digital transformation in service

Our range of digital industry service solutions helps you tap your plant's full potential throughout its entire lifecycle, based on in-depth analysis of all relevant operating and process data. Our innovative portfolio lays the foundation to get the most out of your machines and plants, lower your total operating costs and develop new business models.

Featured are solutions like SINEMA RC, Fleet Manager, Energy Analytics, Drive Train Analytics and Manage My Machine.

Key benefits:

  • Complete integration with Siemens’ products
  • Intelligent systems that consider the entire production process in an integrated manner
  • Customized services that are tailored to suit machine builders’ and plant operators’ demand
  • Siemens services help increase Productivity, Flexibility and Efficiency of your machines and plants

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Electromobility - the future of mobility is electric

Electromobility offers a variety of benefits, including improved local air quality, fuel diversification into renewable sources to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, and increased energy efficiency, that lower operating costs.

eHighway - Electrification of road freight transport

Electromobility offers a variety of benefits, including improved local air quality, fuel diversification into renewable sources to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, and increased energy efficiency, that lower operating costs.

Benefits and highlights:

  • Innovative freight travel solution
  • Combines efficiency of electified railroads with flexibility of trucks
  • Economical and environmentally friendly
  • Applicable for various use cases: Shuttle transport, Electrified freight transport in mines, Electrified long-haul traffic
  • Consists of three core elements: the energy supply, the pantograph, and hybrid drive technology

Follow our Speakers at Elecrama:

Manish Agarwal – Business Development Head Infrastructure Sales, Mobility Division, Siemens Ltd. 

Member of a panel on the topic of “Electric Roadways System (ERS)”
Time: 11th March, 12:00 - 13:00 pm
Location: Elecrama – eTechNxt Pavilion Hall 6 (to know more also visit our stall B3 in Hall 6)

More information:
‘E-Transportation’ track in eTechNxt conference, is one of the major tracks to engage with government, policy makers & regulatory authorities. It will play a role in evolving an “Indian industry centric” policy and strategy for developing the supply chain, standards & regulatory mechanisms needed for transition from current mobility to 100% electric mobility.

Dr. Michael Weinhold – Chief Technology Officer, Energy Management Division

Grid of the Future - Global Perspective

Date: 11th March, 12 p.m.

Location: eTechnxt

Racing with Technologies (Keynote Address)

Date: 11th March, 4 p.m.

Location: World Utility Summit

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