FACE V                 

Factory Automation Customer Event October 19, 2020 – October 23, 2020

Future of Automation: Unravel the Next Level

Whether it’s edge computing, artificial intelligence, or big data, the power of digitalization is being felt throughout the industrial world. It is fundamentally changing value chains and production methods. Technical sophistication is no longer enough. Smart solutions are the new standard: solutions that are flexible, scalable, modular, and at the same time cost-efficient and sustainable.


How can we successfully implement these high standards in production?


Are we ready for a virtual dive into the world of smart technology?


For the past 4 years, the Siemens Factory Automation Customer Event (FACE), has been at the forefront in bringing our customers face to face to with the latest technologies in factory automation and jointly deriving benefits in implementing these in Indian manufacturing enterprises.

What’s New

This year, Future of Automation: Unravel the Next Level, will be our theme for FACE V and It will be held virtually from 19th to 23rd October 2020.


In addition to the live presentations and webinars over 5 days, you can visit our virtual fair which is available round the clock until 26/10/2020. As with our live events, there is plenty of room for interaction with our experts from the automation domain. 

FACE V - Highlights

Meet the Challenges of Tomorrow

Under the motto ‘Future of Automation: Unravel the Next Level’ we would like to introduce the latest innovations in the field of Digitalization, Industrial Automation and Production Machine Building to you. During the event, we will present concrete solutions, tools, and innovations that will prepare you to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

9.15 - 9.30 AM
Welcome Address
Rajesh Nair, Marketing Communications Team Leader, Digital Industries, Siemens India
Welcome to the 5th Edition of FACE
9.30 - 10.05 AM
The Digital Enterprise: Shaping Industry’s Future Together
Bhaskar Mandal, Head, Digital Industries, Siemens India
Curious about what companies need to ensure their production can meet demand and run securely at any time in the future?
Find out how cutting-edge technologies are shaping industry’s future, through smart and comprehensive use of data for automating and digitalizing the discrete and process industries.
10.15 - 10.50 AM
Siemens at Pole position in Factory Automation
Gautam Rawal, Head Factory Automation, Siemens India
Siemens is known for setting trends in Automation world. Have a look at how we leverage our Innovative offerings to cater to demanding applications.
11.00 - 11.40 AM
Future of Factory Automation
Sascha Maennl, Senior Director Sales Asia-Pacific, Siemens AG
Changing consumer needs are shaping the requirements of industries. Learn with us, how future technologies in the field of Automation enables our customers to quickly adapt to the ever changing needs of their consumers.
11.45 - 12.20 PM
Smart Manufacturing
Gautam Dutta, Director Marketing, Siemens Software India
Let's explore how the future manufacturing will look like.
12.20 - 12.45 PM
Q/A Session
9.15 - 9.30 AM
Recap - Day 1 & Intro - Day 2
9.30 - 10.05 AM
TIA with Power of Three

Gautam Karnik, Head Business Development Factory Automation, Automation System, Siemens India

Marcel Roske, Regional Manager India, Australia and New Zealand, Siemens AG

No matter how the world will continue to change, which future technologies and developments will be relevant tomorrow: All of this is already anticipated today in the TIA offering from Siemens, integrated step by step and turning into real added value for our customers in both the discrete and process industries.
10.15 - 11.00 AM
Digital Workflows with TIA Portal Engineering
Lieberth Bernd, Regional Marketing Manager Overseas and Head of SUP FA Asia, Siemens AG

The pandemic is forcing us to do things different. Your Team is in home office. You need to finish or start a project under this conditions? How can you do the synchronization between the different Engineers? There are great new opportunities in Engineering with TIA Portal, especially in distributed engineering.

Interested? Please join the workshop with our experts for more information.

11.15 - 12.00 PM
Industrial Edge - Closing the Gap Between Field and Cloud

Vikas Manoria, Head Product Placement and Sales Specialist, Factory Automation, Siemens India


Senbaga Ganesh, Product Manager, Edge Computing, Industrial Visualization, Siemens India

Industrial Edge bridges the gap between IT and OT world. Get an overview of Industrial Edge technology and products/ solutions from Siemens.
12.15 - 01.00 PM
Artificial Intelligence
Prashanth Uppunda, Head of System Architecture and Technology, R&D, Siemens Advanta, India
Use of AI brings unlimited possibilities in manufacturing at all levels. Explore how Siemens can assist in bringing AI at your door step.
9.15 - 9.30 AM
Recap - Day 2 & Intro - Day 3
9.30 - 10.05 AM
Future of Machine Building
Mukund Ghumara, Business Development, Production Machines, Siemens India
Find out how Siemens supports machine builders around the world to unlock and implement the full potential of the industry and application-specific solutions to create winning concepts for machines and plants.
10.15 - 10.50 AM
Pack Talk
Anup Abhyankar, Business Development, Production Machines, Siemens India

Why reinvent the wheel every time? 

Find out how engineering and commissioning times are significantly shortened, increase availability and flexibility of packaging machines. at the same, applying international standards like OMAC-PackML, Weihenstephan

11.00 - 11.40 AM
Handling and Safety
Anant Goenka, Head - Solutions for Handling in Production Machines, Siemens AG
Whether for palletizing or high-speed pick and place, entire production lines can be implemented based on SIMATIC. Find out how Siemens handling solutions set new standards in terms of performance and can be flexibly implemented on integrated automation platform.
11.45 - 12.20 PM
Efficient Control Panel Engineering
Manish Patil, Manager, Business Development, Integrated Control Panels, Siemens India
Control cabinet plays a vital role in powering and controlling machine and various processes. With Integrated Control Panels from Siemens, it’s easy to optimize all aspects of control cabinet from preparation and dimensioning, to design, construction, service and support.
9.15 - 9.30 AM
Recap - Day 3 & Intro - Day 4
9.30 - 10.10 AM
Digitalization in Water and Wastewater
Carlos Catano, Head Factory Automation, Water & Waste Water, Siemens AG
Water is the world's most precious resource. That’s why efficiency and quality are top priorities for the water industry. Find out how the managment of water treatment and supply infrastructure can be done in a secured and efficient way.
10.15 - 10.50 AM
Product systems and solutions for Tyre Mixing Room

Maximilian Sackerer, Senior Business Consultant Tire Manufacturing, Siemens AG

Vaidehi Gupta, Business Head, Digital Manufacturing - Smart Controls India Limited


Over years Siemens has developed mixer line solutions and delivered more than 100 mixing solutions. Based on this experience, Siemens has developed a generic development approach for a mixer process control system, Join our experts to understand “Systems and solutions for Tyre Mixing control room”.
11.00 - 12.15 PM
Warehousing and Bulk Material Handling

Sachin Soni, Manager, Business Development, Automation System, Siemens India

Rohan Kalsekar, Manager, Business Development, Automation System, Siemens India

Warehousing is a rapidly growing industry in India with the rise of supply chain, E-commerce & infrastructure reforms. Bulk Material Handling is an integral part of any process industry that demands a fitting electrical & automation solutions. Siemens is equally geared up to serve the industry with its diversified SIMATIC Automation and Digitalization solutions.
9.15 - 9.30 AM
Recap - Day 4 & Intro - Day 5
9.30 - 10.05 AM
Next level Flexibility with Digital Enterprise
Kai Schneiderwind, Sr. Director & Global Head of Vertical Management Food & Beverage, Siemens AG
Join us to know how to manage  the challenges faced by Food & Beverage industry today and also have a look into the future of Food & Beverage  industry.
10.15 - 10.50 AM
Winning the Race against Time
Manisha Priyadarshini, Manager, Business Development, Automation System, Siemens India
Winning the Race against time is now more important than ever in Pharmaceuticals! Join us to learn how we can work with you to develop the ideal solutions for your specific requirements, combine your skills with our hardware and software portfolio, and help you digitalize your entire value chain.
11.00 - 11.40 AM
Making Digitalization work for Pharma and Life Sciences
Surabhi Bapat, Business Development Manager - Digitalization for Process Industries, Siemens India
Identify how Digitalization directly helps to improve the key KPIs of pharmaceutical industry with a seamless integration of automation, software and cutting-edge technologies. Discover how you can benefit from merging the virtual and the real world via Digital twin of product, plant and the entire production. 

Along with the live presentations and webinars, we will present you a greater scope of our products & solutions with the exhibition zone, where you can check out various booths which are available round the clock. 

Have a glimpse of Product wise innovations taking place in the world of Factory automation.

  • WinCC Unified System - Visualize Future
  • Unified Comfort Panel - Visualize Future
  • TIA Portal
  • SIMATIC Field PG
  • SIMATIC Controller 
  • LOGO! goes Cloud
  • S7-1200 Extends Communication Possibilities
  • S7-1500 Overview + Highlights
  • SIMATIC S7-1500RH​
  • SIMATIC Safety Integrated
  • Distributed IO (ET 200) in IP20
  • MultiFieldbus
  • Distributed IO (ET 200) in IP6X
  • SIMATIC SCADA - Totally Connected and Digitalized
  • SIMATIC IOT 2050
  • SITRAIN - Digital Industry Academy 
  • SITRAIN - Access
  • Online Training Program


Discover the cutting edge technologies for more flexible production, greater productivity and efficiency.

  • Totally Integrated Automation -​ Integration³ (TIA Showcase)
  • Simulation for machines
  • Standardization / OPC UA / Line Integration
  • SIMATIC Energy Manager
  • SIMATIC Energy Suite Load Management
  • Quality Assurance with AI
  • Siemens Industrial Edge
  • Cloud and Edge Computing Overview
  • CloudConnect
  • Secured and Convenient Remote Access
  • Industrial Security
  • SIMATIC Ident paves the way for cloud connection

Our industry solution portfolio enables machine builders to meet the increasing requirements of industry. Because of varying requirements of different markets, Siemens have adapted solution portfolio specifically to each market. Our offering contains proven products and solutions as well as usable future technologies. 

  • Scalable Motion Control Solutions
  • Specialist in Packaging Technology
  • Solutions for Printing machines
  • Metal Forming Solutions
  • Modular Solutions for Plastics Industry
  • State-of-the-Art Handling Solutions
  • Digitalization in Machine Buliding

Drive the digital transformation for Food & Beverage industry with Digital Enterprise. Discover the benefits of merging the virtual & the real world.  Explore possibilities provided by the Digital Twin of product, production and performance.

  • BRAUMAT - Create Great Beer!
  • Plant KPIs at Your Fingure Tips
  • Trusted Traceability
  • Unleash The Power of Digitalization

Travel, it is part of our daily routine, experience the comfort and safety offered by Siemens automation at your footstep. With Siemens digital twin technology you can create an exact replica of tunnel in digital world and even simulate each and every scenario.

  • Siemens Solutions for Metro and Platform Screen Doors
  • Tunnel Digitalization & Automation

Water is the world's most precious resource. It is our duty to preserve and use it in a very optimum way. With Siemens technology for digitization we can get closer to this precious resource and manage its treatment and supply more efficiently.

  • Intro to Siemens Solution in Water
  • Visualization as Clear as Water Itself
  • Keep Remote Access in Arms Reach
  • Energy Saved is Energy Produced
  • Are Your Pumps Healthy?
  • Securing World's Most Precious Resource

Winning the Race against time is now more important than Ever in Pharmaceutical! We’ll work with you to develop the ideal solutions for your specific requirements, combine your skills with our hardware and software portfolio, and help you digitalize your entire value chain. Together we can win the race against time. Join us to learn more

  • Digitalization in Pharma
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • SIMATIC fit in Pharmaceutical Industry

Drive the digitalization of the automotive and tire industry with the Digital Enterprise Portfolio and turn your ideas into successful vehicles efficiently.

  • Digital Enterprise @ Automotive
  • SIMOVE - Automated Guided Vehicles
  • E-Car & Battery Pack Manufacturing Solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence @ Automotive
  • Standardization @ Automotive
  • Tire

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Are you ready to join us to unravel the next level of automation?

We will take a closer look at how technologies like edge computing, artificial intelligence, IOT, etc. are changing the face of multiple industries like manufacturing, F&B, automotive & pharma, enabling them in improving productivity, safety, profitability, and quality.