June 18th-19th, 2018
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Create impact for Siemens


We intend to find innovative solutions and create impact for Siemens concerning focus topics – collectively and across all departmental boundaries.

Futureland at a Glance

What is Futureland?

  • Futureland is about developing ideas in cross-functional teams in a festival-like atmosphere. Futureland intends to find innovative solutions and create impact for Siemens.
  • Training sessions and workshops are also on offer to support the participants in their efforts and convey specific knowledge about the focus topics. There will also be a separate recruiting zone for externalstudents.
  • Another highlight of the event is the festival's own currency: SieCoins.
  • The startups with the most SieCoins on their account at the end of the event can win cash prizes.


  • One goal of Futureland is to deliver real added value to Siemens while continuing to foster ownership culture.
  • In order to achieve this, innovations should be generated, especially in relation to the six focus topics.
  • The participants will get the opportunity to internalize the agile and digital way of working. In addition, working across departments and hierarchies will help foster personal networking.
  • Other goals are acquiring new talent and enhancing the external image of Siemens and its corporate values.

Focus topics

The focus topics were filtered in advance from the fourteen Corporate Core Technologies and taking into account the company's priority "Make Digitalization Work":

  • MindSphere
  • Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence
  • Simulation & Digital Twin
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Cyber Security
  • Blockchain Applications 

Where & when

  • Futureland will take place on June 18th and 19th in Erlangen.
  • Erlangen is the "capital" to which all participants from Germany should come. To get everyone in the mood for the event, the participants are invited to join the informal get-together on the Sunday evening before it starts (June 17th). Accommodation, refreshments and entertainment aplenty will be provided.
  • With a minimum of 50 participants, the so-called "cities" are staging other regional events in parallel, being sure to respect the general framework and central rules.
  • Participation in Futureland is also possible virtually in the"villages" (<50 participants).

Who can participate?

  • Siemens employees
  • Students 


All participants can inform themselves about the focus topics in detail both in advance and also after the event by watching the training videos on offer.