IMTEX 2019

Digital Enterprise for Machine Tools

Digitalization in Machine Tool manufacturing

Experience the Digital Enterprise for Machine tools at IMTEX.

Digitalization sustainably improves the production processes. Both machine manufacturers and machine operators can react to the market requirements with agility and increase their profitability. With the Digital Enterprise Suite, Siemens offers an integrated hardware and software portfolio for their customers. As it has been specifically tailored to the requirements arising in the machine tool sector, the CNC Shopfloor Management Software allows the management, analysis and optimization of machine tools – independent of the controller manufacturer. Siemens’ digitalization portfolio ranges from the machine design to engineering through to commissioning and service. The range of digitalization solutions for the machine operator covers the entire value added chain, from production design and planning on to execution and services.


Trade Show Highlights

Digital Experience and Application Centre

The Siemens Digital Experience & Application Centre (DEX) at Peenya, Bengaluru is a one stop shop to experience the Digitalization solutions for the entire value chain - from product development and production planning to real production and digital service. At this one of its kind experience centre, a wide range of solutions showcasing concepts of Digital Twin, Virtual commissioning, Machine analytics, Cloud solutions apart from a full-fledged working shopfloor integrated with Robots, CNC machine tools, probes etc. bring you closer to the world of Digitalization. Special training and information on SINUMERIK operation, maintenance and Digitalization solutions are also available at no extra cost at our DEX.

Integrated Digital production and optimal use of production resources

Experience our solutions for the fields of CAD/CAM-CNC, the virtual machine and the networking of machine tools to one another and all the way to the company management level and cloud. We will show you the latest developments of our powerful platforms in the areas of Product Lifecycle Management Software and CNC Shopfloor Management Software.

MindSphere, the Cloud-based open IoT operating system

See for yourself what advantages can be gained from connecting machines to MindSphere, the Cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens. With new MindApps such as Manage MyMachines, OEE Monitor & Manage MyMachines Remote you can increase the transparency of your production and thus reduce machine downtimes.

Experience the Digital Twin of CNC machining production

With our extensive domain expertise, we can uniquely interlink the Digital Twins in any industry.

With Digital Twin, a virtual model  of actual machines, plants, processes and products  can be created very early in the development process  which supports optimization of the new machine design, with virtual commissioning, marketing the machine, running- in parts in production up to retrofit and service to help you save time, increase the quality of your machines and increase flexibility.

Recognize and utilize potential with Motion Control Services

With innovative services, we are preparing the path for you to digitalized production – from consulting to implementation and continuous optimization. With our digital services, we are creating new options for sustainably increasing productivity. Thanks to the networking of machines and installing the right software, there is transparency of the data and processes. This allows you to recognize and utilize the potential of your machines.

New machining functions and production capabilities

New functions support you in increasing the productivity and quality of chip removal, for example in milling, milling-turning and turning-milling.. Showcases focusing on robotics and additive manufacturing will be demonstrating how SINUMERIK is used in these promising technologies and how it can be seamlessly and efficiently integrated into innovative production environments and technologies. The programming in NX CAM, including a simulation, is a prerequisite for successful parts production.


Modern operating concepts: easy and efficient working with the machine

We will be exhibiting an array of new hardware and software solutions from the SINUMERIK CNC portfolio which includes SINUMERIK PPU161, SINUMERIK 828D and SINUMERIK 840Dsl. The latest SINUMERIK 828D with Software version 4.8 comes with a more powerful processor and includes new functions such as Collision Avoidance Eco or Nodding Compensation Eco/Advance which will be significantly increasing machine tool performance. Visitors to the booth can also gain first-hand impressions of the modern and efficient operating concepts of the SINUMERIK range like multi-touch functionality, sidescreens with widgets and functions that help make machining quicker and better.

Finance made easy for Digitalization

Siemens does more than providing latest solutions for your digital transformation. Siemens Financial Services (SFS) makes it feasible for machine builders and machine users to adopt next-generation technology, in an easy and cost-effective manner.

At SFS, we have a deep understanding not only of your digitalization requirements, but also of how that technology can be implemented economically to deliver benefits. Our comprehensive range of financial solutions makes it possible for manufacturers to ease budgetary constraints and profit from the benefits of digitalization effortlessly.


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Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing is revolutionizing industrial manufacturing. Siemens is the only company in the world to offer integrated software and automation solutions for industrial use. Additive Manufacturing gives you the freedom to create forms that would have been impossible using conventional manufacturing methods. Additive Manufacturing enables flexible, fast, and efficient production. The process is perfect for custom production up to single-unit batches.


Partnering the Indian Manufacturing industry on road to Industry 4.0

For India, Industry 4.0 has remarkable opportunities to advance manufacturing development, accelerating its application in manufacturing industries to improve cost, productivity, quality and flexibility. With a common data-backbone with Industrial software and automation portfolio with open interfaces, based on our strong offerings for Industrial Communication, Industrial Security and Industrial Services, we pave the way to the Digital Enterprise - from Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operations.


IMTMA celebrated 50 years of IMTEX in 2019, “Factory of the Future – An Industry 4.0 expo” and it was a special addition for a dedicated display of Industry 4.0 offerings. Siemens also showcased its Ingenuity Tour – a multicity, nationwide road show that demonstrated the potential of Industry 4.0. to Indian manufacturers.