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Thank you for joining us in person at IMTEX 2023 where we showcased our solutions for the machine tools industry for various Machine Manufacturers and Users. With our integrated solutions, design, realize and optimize machines and components faster, react flexibly to market demands, and enhance productivity across various user industries based on the showcases and demonstrations. Here's a quick recap from IMTEX 2023.

The industrial world is facing urgent, fast-changing challenges. digitalization and automation are the game changers to navigate these challenges. With the continuous analysis of production data, there is huge potential for optimizing machine tools. Our Digital Enterprise portfolio helps the machine tool industry to accelerate digital transformation in machine tool manufacturing. Through integrated solutions across the value chain, machine builders and machine users can respond more flexibly to market demands – and at the same time boost their productivity.

Siemens is the trusted partner accompanying machine tool builders and users to accelerate their digital transformation journey. Our portfolio facilitates the management, analysis and optimization of CNC machines in both greenfield and brownfield projects. Combining the real and the digital worlds with our comprehensive Digital Twin approach and cutting-edge technologies enable a continuous loop of optimization in near real-time. With our digitalization portfolio, high-performance SINUMERIK CNC systems, technological competence, and expertise in networking and using manufacturing process data along with Digital Services and Financing makes digital transformation a reality.

Highlights at IMTEX

Industrialize Additive Manufacturing now


How to redesign products? How can you improve Additive Manufacturing? How do you transform research and development into the right business model? Both machine and product manufacturers are in a transitional stage between prototype and low-volume production using individual machines on the one hand and fully industrialized series production on the other. Siemens is the only service provider of software and automation products and services for the end-to-end process. Learn more about our holistic approach across the entire chain from integrated design, data to process chain to accelerate the industrialization of Additive Manufacturing from our experts.

Industrial Edge for Machine Tools


There is huge potential in the data of the machine. Specifically, in the data that is generated in the machine during operation but has not been used to date. With Industrial Edge for Machine Tools, manufacturing companies have a simple, proven and secure means of determining and evaluating the data of the machine during operation. This allows them to unlock the full potential of the machine and reduce quality costs or downtime. Maximize quality management and Minimize maintenance costs in CNC production by transforming machine data into added value using Industrial Edge apps.

Resource Management - Intelligent tool and NC program management


Based on six examples from everyday tasks, you can identify typical sources of error and delays in your workflow. The good news is that these can all be avoided. Smart manufacturing resource management in job planning, tools and NC programs can be smoothly assigned to one another. Workflows in machining environments are optimized, tool circulation and tool inventory are efficiently organized. Using our solutions like MCENTER, Manage MyResourses and Analyze my performance you can optimally manage resources in your production environment.

Digital intelligence for Machine Tool protection


How can you protect your machine against operational errors? How can the digital twin help protect the machines in real time? The Protect MyMachine /3D Twin edge app not only shows the current positions of all components, but also their future position as a so-called ghost image. Thus, the machine stops fully automatically before an expensive collision and long downtimes occur. Here are four ways that can help you to avoid potential collisions by eliminating operational errors. Each of these ways will help you to reduce your cost and ensure continuity of your production as well.

Optimal and stable machining with adaptive control


Higher productivity and process stability with Adaptive Control & Monitoring suite (ACM): Increase your productivity, reduce scrap, increase process stability and minimize production disruptions. You can achieve these goals with Siemens' powerful adaptive control technology – the “original” adaptive control in wide use in metal-cutting industry for almost 30 years.

Digital Twin for Machine Tools


There are different application scenarios for digital twins in the lifecycle of machine tools: One is determined by the requirements of the machine builder, and involves application during the design, engineering, commissioning, maintenance, and servicing of machines. The other scenario concerns the machine tool operation, particularly the creation and verification of reliable CNC programs. The other consist of creating digital twin to provide the basis for the digital twin of the automation system. Experience our solutions for the fields of CAD/CAM-CNC, the virtual machine and the networking of machine tools to one another and all the way to the company management level and cloud. We will show you the latest developments of our powerful platforms in the areas of Product Lifecycle Management Software and CNC Shopfloor Management Software. Using technologies like Create MyVirtual Machine and Run MyVirtual Machine helps machine builders and users to reduce time to market and optimize the production process with ease.

SINUMERIK – the first choice for the automated shopfloor


Highly productive automation solutions are demanded for workshops, jobshops and large series production – that accompany and support users along the path to digitalization. SINUMERIK CNC solutions always provide companies, operating machine tools, with the optimum solution to address their specific requirements. Whether for individual parts or mass production – basic or complex workpieces. Whether customers require integration into the higher-level factory automation system or connection of robots: SINUMERIK sets the perfect stage for meeting any requirement.

  • SINUMERIK 808D: The entry-level CNC for basic, standard machines
  • SINUMERIK 828D: The compact CNC for standard machines
  • SINUMERIK 840D: The open CNC for modular machine concepts
  • SINUMERIK One: The digital native CNC – the next level of the digital transformation

Services for Machine Tools


Over and above traditional services from Siemens that offers Retrofits, AMCs and productivity improvement services, Siemens also allows machine tool manufacturers and operators to identify new potential along the entire value chain, enabling production optimization based on a tailored digitalization strategy. This is done through consulting, digitalization preparedness checks along with implementation support.

Financing equipment, software, and technology for the Machine Tools industry


Siemens does more than providing latest solutions for your digital transformation. Siemens Financial Services (SFS) makes it feasible for machine builders and machine users to adopt next-generation technology, in an easy and cost-effective manner.


At SFS, we have a deep understanding not only of your digitalization requirements, but also of how that technology can be implemented economically to deliver benefits. Our comprehensive range of financial solutions makes it possible for manufacturers to ease budgetary constraints and profit from the benefits of digitalization effortlessly.

Faster digital transformation with Xcelerator


Siemens Xcelerator is a new, open digital business platform featuring a curated portfolio of IoT-enabled hardware and software, a powerful ecosystem of partners, and a marketplace. With the open digital business platform Siemens Xcelerator, IoT-enabled hardware and software, the company demonstrates how the real world can be connected to the digital world. Such a portfolio accelerates the digital transformation and enables flexible and sustainable action both in the construction of machines and in their application.


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