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 Innovation Day 2022 

At Siemens, we focus on transforming the everyday for a better tomorrow, together. This year at Innovation Day, we will showcase technologies and solutions that enable and accelerate digital transformation.
About #InnoDayIndia

Accelerate Digital Transformation

13th September, JW Marriott, Mumbai Sahar

In such unprecedented times of economic, environmental and societal pressures, the world is transforming at an accelerated rate. Is your organization also accelerating to keep pace?


#InnoDayIndia was conceptualised in 2018 to initiate dialogues around output-driven technological and business innovations that solve the need of the hour. This year in its third innings, Innovation Day focuses on creating sustainable value for businesses by showcasing solutions that will accelerate digital transformation across verticals and industries.


Our event will also facilitate in-depth discussions on technologies related to data centers, e-mobility, automotive, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals industries as well as smart future grids, data analytics, digital twin, cybersecurity, autonomous system, cloud platforms and artificial intelligence. 



Explore how we enable digital transformation

Can companies gain the agility to scale up production & project scope depending on market need, while ensuring 99.99% uptime in operations?


Our digital solutions allow enterprises to scale up and down in record time, while remaining operational and zero downtime. While optimized solutions improve competitiveness; innovative automation technology significantly improves precision, product quality and dynamics. Know more about our solutions that enable you to scale processes without disruptions below:

Predictive Maintenance 

Balancing performance, costs, and risks of rail systems is not an easy task for asset owners, asset stewards, maintainers, and operators of rolling stock and rail infrastructure. This is where our intelligent support comes in with data-driven asset performance management and asset investment planning tools.

From Cloud interlocking in Norway to Vehicle Equipment Measurement System (VEMS) powered by Railigent in Thameslink to REAMS in Singapore, each of these use cases from Mobility are focused on increasing asset lifecycle, enhancing safety, network availability and capacity on the rail system while reducing infrastructure & maintenance costs.


Increased connectivity and connected assets have led to an increase in the exposure to cyber threats and attacks.  With our experience and expertise in the various markets and knowledge in the cybersecurity space, we provide tailored solutions that can protect anything from an entire fleet of rail networks and remote critical powerplant to smart cities or digital manufacturing facilities of today or tomorrow. Our holistic approach mitigates human risk, fortifies processes, and secures technology.


With the rise of IoT, AI & ML the volume of data has witnessed an exponential rise. Datacenters need to be scalable to manage this every-increasing demand while providing 24x7 availability. Our integrated data center solutions ensure reliable power supply, transparent power distribution, optimization of operations by 24/7 monitoring, and maximum business continuity by ensuring end-to-end security.

Can companies maximize efficiency without compromising on quality?


Achieving efficiency and quality together, no longer have to be contradictory goals. Using our solutions, companies can utilize digital workflows at every stage of the process and use digital twin to develop machines and new business models. Our aim is to enable companies to comply with the highest standards of regulations and technical standards, with highest efficiency. View some of our solutions below:

Closed Loop Simulation

The automotive industry is the technological trendsetter among manufacturing industries. The growing number of car models and powertrain technologies asks for flexible production processes, faster commissioning, and efficient manufacturing of new production machines. Automakers can boost productivity and improve production efficiency by leveraging advanced IoT data analytics to quickly monitor essential assets and systems in real-time and minimize unexpected downtime. With a closed-loop comprehensive digital twin, manufactures can use real production data to continuously optimize throughput.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage sector faces a range of challenges. Changing demographics, new consumer tastes, quality expectations, evolving regulations, and price constraints, all pressurize profit margins. In this environment, competitive advantage is the number one priority which is to maintain the highest quality with maximum production flexibility and optimal efficiency.


Digital Threads enable Food & Beverage Industry to stay ahead of the curve. It allows companies to create designs to support specific processes and applications in an ideal way for the desired manufacturing process. This leads to more variability in production lines, optimization of the use-case at hand, and usage of modular components with the flexibility to be changed quickly to support several production scenarios.

Mobility Software Suite

From long-term timetable construction to train dispatching in real-time, whether planning track works or managing depots: our TPS software solutions coupled with smart reservation and ticketing system from Squills offer infrastructure operators and rail transport companies a wide range of flexible applications to run their operations efficiently.

Can companies maximize flexibility & strengthen resilience translating to fail-safe & reliable operations?


Market changes, unpredictable customer demands, changing consumer preferences are all having an impact. Meanwhile, systems reaching the end of their workable life and changing requirements for energy and power are all combining to make a clear, coherent resilience strategy a must. 


Resilient manufacturing companies continue to produce and deliver even when there are significant supply chain disruptions. We offer edge and cloud computing AI solutions at all points in the shop floor lifecycle (planning, commissioning, operation, and optimization) to enable resilient and flexible production. Know more about our solutions below:


To address the rising demand in e-commerce, there is requirement of flexible & resilient warehouse management systems that allow enterprises to scale up and scale down in record time. Our Intralogistics portfolio combines the real & digital world that helps warehouse owners to design, simulate and commission products and solutions flexibly with the growing challenges of the industry.

Flexibilization of Power Plants

Modern power systems, with higher penetration of renewables, require plants that are flexible and future ready. Addressing the four key aspects of Power on Demand, Start & Stop Performance Solutions, Peak Power & Load Gradients, and Grid Service Solutions, the our Flexibilization solutions help cut emissions up to 5% to achieve climate targets and remain competitive.

Can companies deliver shorter time-to-market through transparent information relating to performance, operations and processes and enable quicker decision making?


Digital transformation and data-driven development can add agility and transparency to production processes as well as reduce cost. For instance, our Loop Manufacturing solution can be leveraged for automatic and transparent production and to improve competitiveness and profitability. Know more about our solutions that enable transparency and speed below:

The Digital Process Twin: Vaccine Manufacturing

Ramping up production in the quantities needed and accelerating clinical trials in the timeframes required to combat pandemics is one of the biggest challenges of the Pharma industry.


Collaborative efforts between pharma players and technology partners like us can lead to much shorter development times for vaccines so they can reach people faster with optimum quality. This goal is met by reducing the number of physical experiments in an automated continuous process optimization. Using simulation models and data science, a virtual plant is created that is used to optimize the process and send predictions and control measures back to the real plant.

In-Plant Logistics

In today's fast-changing markets, companies are required to maximize the outcome of their available resources to achieve the highest productivity possible. Transparent and optimized workflows can aid factories and logistics operations in achieving this goal. 


Our data-based approach enables faster decision-making and higher availability. Using Location Intelligence (LI) software, customers can track, monitor, and record inventory during the complete lifecycle. They can also plan production and analyze performance improvement areas to produce more with less resources.

Can companies meet both sustainability & profitability goals?


That is the question of the hour. With our digital solutions, we empower enterprises to drive both sustainability and profitability together and transform their industries. From mobility solutions that conserve energy while providing superior passenger experience to ensuring that production systems maximize productivity sustainably – below are some of our use cases that highlight our commitment to making the world more livable, sustainable, and inclusive.

e-Mobility as a service

Transport accounts for ~20% of the carbon emissions worldwide. Our solutions such as eMobility-as-a-service (eMaaS) and Charging Infrastructure-as-a-Service (CI-aaS) support transportation and logistics providers in meeting their sustainability goals. These models offer low total cost of ownership and optimize energy consumption, uptime, fleet utilization, and manpower.


To further contribute to net zero globally, mass adoption of electric vehicles is a key lever. Lack of charging infrastructure is one of the major challenges which needs to be resolved in time. With our solutions & services for Mobility decarbonization at Siemens, we can help companies in developing charging infrastructure at scale. Siemens has partnered with Ashok Leyland and Switch Mobility to provide sustainable and innovative solutions for the charging infrastructure for their e-bus services.

Waste Heat Recovery System

Waste Heat Recovery Solutions (WHRS) plays an important role in an industrial plant by reducing the amount of fuel used to produce heat in a boiler installation thereby increasing the heating efficiency and lowering the fuel usage. Siemens’ tailor-made WHRS solution help in capturing maximum waste heat from industrial manufacturing processes. This recovery replaces ~33% plant electricity requirement from fossil sources (primarily coal) which is a prominent ingredient in the manufacturing process. This energy replacement (with no additional fuel requirement) results in cost-saving as well as significantly reduces carbon footprint which eventually contributes to sustainability and profitability of the industrial plants.


G-Avatar is a powerful visualization of what our solutions and technologies can do and demonstrates our commitment to sustainability in our manufacturing facilities and offices around the world. It is a cloud-based, integrated real estate asset management solution that can monitor multiple KPIs from thousands of data points, aiding in predictive maintenance. This digital solution, with high levels of connectivity and data transparency, covers power consuming components across the globe – solar, water, power & air compressors. Managing facilities better helps reducing energy wastage and achieve sustainability goals.

Accelerate Digital Transformation across industries

Deep dive into our solutions and use cases with our 3rd edition of Vertical Market Report.

Siemens Xcelerator

Introducing - Siemens Xcelerator

Siemens Xcelerator is a continuously growing, powerful ecosystem, comprising a ​comprehensive, curated portfolio of digital and IoT-enabled offerings from Siemens and certified partners​.
India will play a key role in the global roll-out of Siemens Xcelerator. With over 6,000 software engineers at our development centers in the country, India will be at the forefront and a key hub to further accelerate the digital transformation efforts of our customers worldwide. This is both an ambition and a reality. With the launch of Siemens Xcelerator, I am confident that as partners, Siemens can scale up the innovation and digital transformation journey for customers in India.
Peter Koerte, Chief Technology Officer and Strategy Officer, Siemens AG
With Siemens Xcelerator, we have taken everything that a customer needs on to one platform, allowing them to accelerate their digital transformation easier, faster and at scale. SMEs in India will be the greatest beneficiaries of this platform as it can help them to scale up, upgrade and adopt new designs and components much faster to stay competitive. Siemens Xcelerator will help to create a powerful ecosystem of partners who can jointly accelerate digital transformation tailored to specific business goals. Our aim is to help companies to increase their performance, flexibility, and sustainability.
Sunil Mathur, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Limited
#InnoDayIndia 2022

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