International Women’s Day

From real conversations to real actions


Research and surveys show gender biases, conscious and subconscious, are prevalent in our society even today. However, these biases can’t be broken by women alone. Hence, our idea this year is to bring forward men at Siemens and record candid conversations of how they're stepping up to break such biases at Siemens and home.


The video features real men from Siemens, right from our senior leadership to our factory colleagues, narrating real backstories, and setting a benchmark and example of a diverse and inclusive ecosystem. At Siemens, we are committed to #breakthebias and move from real conversations to real actions.


March 8th marks International Women’s Day, and the theme for year 2020 #EachForEqual. How does one raise awareness against unconscious bias? How can we work towards a more inclusive, gender-balanced world? How can we create a future where #EachForEqual is not just a goal, but a way of life?


The areas of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) has historically been heavily weighing towards male gender. Stereotyping these functions as male-centric and gender discrimination in this field has been primarily the reason why women shy away from choosing STEM as a career option. Siemens through its competencies has been promoting science and technical education in India through programs such as Dual VET program, Siemens Scholarship Program, and Government-run ITI Upgradation initiatives. More importantly Siemens is ensuring a gender-balanced approach in these programs by aggressively supporting women candidates to bridge the gap. These are some inspiring stories: