“It’s the brain of the Smart Grid.”

Girish Muley, Segment Head, Energy Management
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North India’s north star: powering up the region

“For a society and its economy to grow, first, you need a reliable power supply.” One of the world’s biggest transmission grids based in Northern India is being pushed to its limits. Girish Muley, team lead for the Digital Grid, is working to ensure it never stops running.

Reliable power supply – undoubtedly one of the most essential infrastructure requirements to drive the development of a country.


Almost 30% of India’s population depends on the Northern Regional Load Dispatch Center (NRLDC), one of the world’s biggest transmission grids. As the demand for power is constantly increasing, the size of this grid has nearly doubled over the last decade, and is expected to double in the next six to seven years. The share of renewable energy is also increasing, making grid operations management more complex.


With the continuous surge in power demands, the grid boundaries are being pushed daily and when the power supply becomes unreliable, everyday life gets disrupted.

Paving the way for a new power system

Power problems in India have become a way of life. Yet Girish reminds us: “To ensure the reliability of power supply, we need to have complete visibility of the electrical network.” Once there is full visibility, it allows us to see the full picture of how power flows from the generating station right up to family households across the region, hence allowing us to keep better track of power exchanges.


“And our system does exactly that. Our goal is to give the NRLDC visibility of the grid so that grid operations in all of North India can be managed more effectively.”

24/7 power supply is an imperative for the economic growth of India.

A brighter future for grid operations

Girish and his team set out to create some key solutions for the NRLDC, like an innovative hardware and software solution built around the state-of-the-art Spectrum Power 7 Control Center Platform. This new system provides a level of connectivity that was previously lacking. This means the NRLDC now has a bird’s eye view of the power exchanges and can manage grid operations in a more efficient manner.


“As the head of segment, it was my responsibility to manage the project efficiently to the satisfaction of all our stakeholders.” One key challenge was to transition from the old Control Center system to the new one without any interruptions in the existing operations. “We handled the entire process meticulously and with lots of proper planning”, says Girish.


There was an acute sense of responsibility across the entire team of 25 engineers. Even though this project took a whole three years to complete, the team was dedicated and kept their eyes on their goal. Girish adds that “the success of such a large project depends on team spirit and a sense of ownership, complete with the strong support of the development team from our headquarters, who provided unwavering support throughout the entire project.”

It makes me proud when I see our solutions, our technology, making a positive difference to the day-to-day lives of people.
Girish Muley, Segment Head, Energy Management

Touching lives with true solutions

As North India’s transmission grid covers around 30% of the country’s total area, encompassing nine different states including the capital city of Delhi, a reliable power supply means a better quality of life for over 360 million people in numerous towns and villages.


This is a first for India; the system is fully functional and there hasn’t been a single major shut-down across the Northern grid. The future monitoring of our power grid is also expected to double. “We have successfully implemented our new system and this can be showcased as a success story to our future clients,” Girish says.


He exclaims: “It was really fulfilling when we received the final Commissioning Certificate from the customer. We were the first to gain such recognition amongst all other regional control centers. We were jumping and even had a party after that!” 


Siemens Global Management also presented the team with an innovation award at the 2015 Smart Grid Conference held in Germany. “It’s a matter of immense pride for me and my team to provide a system that is helping the Northern Grid and in turn helping the economy of our country”, says Girish.


“I will continue working on developing solutions that are useful to the Indian society, especially in the power sector.”