“Now you can control a plant from anywhere in the world.”

Abhishek Raman, Project Manager
What we do

Smart controls and the future of electricity

“The automated system controls power plants from anywhere at anytime, providing electricity to people all across the world.”   Imagine you’re the manager of a factory, and you can control the various machinery without actually being in the control room. Instead, you can do so from anywhere in the world, so long as you’re online. That’s exactly what Abhishek Raman and his team are working on right now: an integrated online control system, except it’s for a bigger purpose – controlling power plants to distribute electricity efficiently everywhere.

Electric power has fuelled countless inventions that have helped reshape today’s society. And as cities grow in India, high economic growth brings with it greater jobs and higher standards of living. But when a society’s infrastructure has reached saturation point, you’ll need a system smart enough to distribute electricity efficiently.


So how can we produce and distribute electricity efficiently in an environmentally-friendly manner?


There are several factors at play: getting the right information to the right people, at the right time, so they can perform their tasks safely, precisely and reliably. An impeccable level of ingenuity and expertise in technology and systems is required.

Success begins in the control room

Abhishek and his team are at the forefront of energy production and distribution and they’re proud of how far they’ve come, especially with the release of their newest solution: the Siemens Power Plant Automation – T3000 (SPPA-T3000).


The SPPA-T3000 is currently the world’s leading distributed power plant control system. It’s used to control the more complex tasks in a plant, and despite the fact that there are numerous field devices distributed throughout, it has one central control room to control all the other controllers. You can have complete management of any part of the plant at your fingertips.


“One interesting feature of the SPPA-T3000 compared to its predecessors,” explains Abhishek, “is that it is internet-enabled.” This means the entire control system can be easily accessed online from any computer in the world.


It’s everything operators have been looking for: a bird’s eye view of tasks in the entire system, all on a single accessible platform. “Now you can control power plants from virtually anywhere, and have a better way to provide electricity to everyone in India and beyond.”

Our team of different nationalities came together to create this resounding success. It’s a global project catering to the world’s demand for energy.

The power of good team dynamics

True success happens when people act together. “During the initial phase of this project, our entire team from India relocated to Germany for two years,” he shares. “We used to live in the same building and the team was very close-knit. It was a truly memorable experience.“


They also faced a lot of pressure to meet the deadline while ensuring excellent quality. However, despite having to work longer hours during that period, Abhishek was pleased that the entire team worked as one, and always made it a point to celebrate small wins. “Our team of different nationalities and cultures came together to make this a success. It’s a global project catering to the world’s demand for efficient electric power.”


He adds that “the whole atmosphere was always charged and everyone was very enthusiastic to work on this new product, especially since they knew this was a game changer for the future of electricity worldwide. The sense of togetherness was amazing, after our first successful presentation, we celebrated our success with a good team outing.”


Today, the team has grown in numbers across three continents and over three time zones, based in India, Germany and the United States. This is a classic case of global teamwork, where the collaboration never stops due to overlapping time zones.

The future of electricity

The project’s success has brought about tremendous improvements in the electric power industry. It has provided power plants with a system that’s easy to operate, engineer and diagnose, setting the benchmark for the future of all control systems. In fact, “the SPPA-T3000 has been installed in over 2,400 power plants worldwide, allowing millions of people around the globe to benefit from clean and efficient power,” exclaims Abhishek.


The energy doesn’t stop there. Today, the team continues to take this project to greater heights. “Influencing power and persuasiveness” are two traits Abhishek considers vital to success. He’s learnt to lean on his strengths and influence to motivate his team, pushing them to greatness, as they continue to improve the design of new control systems.


He adds: “Now that this is an established product in the market, new functionalities will be added to resolve new concerns in the future. It will gear up to handle newer areas which were not tapped previously.”


Above all, Abhishek believes that “patience and quality always pay.” They might come at a cost, but definitely a worthy cost.


“It’s great, now we have clean energy to light up so many houses and offices in our cities and villages.”