Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship

Siemens has been transforming communities across India through Corporate Citizenship initiatives. We build our commitment on three pillars: access to technology, access to education, and sustaining communities. Over 900,000 people now have access to power, clean drinking water, healthcare and livelihood. While more than 16,000 students have access to quality education.

Integrated development for a sustainable future

Corporate Citizenship in India has various ongoing initiatives. Broadly, these initiatives are creating sustainable communities through use of simple and inclusive technologies, developing innovative solutions that help sustain the environment and improve quality of life. Furthermore, fostering India’s youth by making them industry-ready while also making technology and knowledge accessible to a wide number of people.
Access to technology

Project Asha

With Project Asha, Siemens addresses the severe development deficit in rural areas. Started in 2012, from a remote village in Mokhada, the project now has spread across 72 villages in Mokhada, Palghar District and Aurangabad of Maharashtra impacting over 500,000 lives. With both regions facing water scarcity on a regular basis, watershed development was the need of the hour.

Sustainable energy solution at Amravati

Siemens installed solar-based net-metering solutions in 10 villages spread across three blocks of Amravati district in Maharashtra. Besides, 36 solar net metering system have been installed, that directly and indirectly, benefit nearly 2,000 households, 10 schools, Ashramshalas, Primary Healthcare Centre and Gram Panchayat Offices.

Energy Efficiency Program in Government Hospitals

Siemens developed and implemented an energy optimization solution for Government Hospitals across India. The solution contributes to annual saving of ~INR 16 Million and reduces the Hospital's energy consumption. 

Access to education

Promoting Science and Technical education

The qualifications of young people coming from vocational institutes and the need of the industry to have an Industry-ready workforce is not being met by most vocational institutes in India. Additionally, India is witness to high dropout rates across the educational life cycle. To address this major education & vocational gaps Siemens has launched several initiatives ranging from schools to engineering colleges.
Sustaining communities

Disaster relief initiatives

Siemens has always reached out to those affected by natural calamities. Siemens has contributed to the immediate emergency relief & response by providing basic relief, medical and social help, building infrastructural needs & support livelihood interventions. Siemens has provided relief to disaster-hit regions in Nepal, Srinagar, Chennai, Assam, Bihar, Kerala and Odisha.

Assam Flood Relief

Siemens immediately responded to the flood affected communities in Lakhimpur and Karimganj districts of Assam in 2017. The immediate intervention was mobilized with contingency stock of water, sanitation, hygiene and health and shelter kits for 1,200 families.

Bihar Flood Relief

Siemens supported the flood affected communities of Katihar district, Bihar through its prepositioned kits as part of the catastrophe fund of Siemens in 2017. The support was towards water, sanitation, hygiene and health kits and temporary shelter to the affected families.

Kerala Flood Relief

Kerala saw unprecedented rainfall resulting in extensive flooding across the state in 2018. Siemens provided emergency supplies of water, sanitation, hygiene and health kits and non- food items to 1,000 families of the tribal communities in Wayanad district.

Odisha Cyclone Relief

Cyclone Fani, one of the strongest cyclones to hit Odisha struck near Puri in 2019. Siemens supported the most vulnerable communities of Puri district by addressing the immediate needs of the community through providing water, sanitation, hygiene and health kits to 500 families.

Maharashtra & Karnataka Flood Relief

Torrential rains in the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka in August 2019 had severely affected more than 6.7 million people across 22 districts. Siemens extended its support for relief and rehabilitation at Kolhapur, Satara, Sangli districts in Maharashtra and Belagavi, Bagalkot and Chikmaglur districts of Karnataka benefitting more than 6,000 families. The interventions focused on livelihood initiatives for the communities, psycho-social support for school children, rebuilding houses, anganwadis and school sanitary infrastructure.

In focus

Success stories from our Corporate Citizenship Initiatives

Siemens goes carbon neutral

Sustaining the Environment

CO2 reduced:

1,760 tons of CO2 reduced at Government Hospital. ~INR 16 Million saved annually in energy bills


1,105 acres land made arable and 154 million liters watershed potential created annually

Skills Development

Skills Development

Skilling & Training:

585 engineering students from 65 Government Engineering Colleges made Industry-ready across 23 states in India

Dual VET:

Implemented across 4 states at 87 Government ITIs making more than 11,500 technicians future ready

Quality of Life

Improving Quality of Life


Access to primary healthcare made available to 900,000 people

Access to Infrastructure:

100% people have access to clean drinking water, energy and irrigation in 47 villages

Driving the economy

Sustaining Livelihood 

0 %

rise in income levels amongst families under Project Asha.

0 %

reduction in migration to cities due to development of local rural economy.