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About Siemens and the program

Siemens has been transforming communities across India through Corporate Citizenship initiatives focusing on three pillars: access to technology, access to education and sustaining communities. The Siemens Scholarship Program is one of the flagship projects under education that enables access to quality education to economically disadvantaged communities. Siemens Scholarship Program based on the German dual education system aims to make youth industry-ready engineers and launch a sustainable career in engineering, R&D or manufacturing. Under this initiative, the program offers four years scholarships to meritorious engineering students from economically disadvantaged families. Additionally, internships, mechatronics, soft skills trainings, projects and mentorships provided by Siemens acquaints these bright minds with the dynamics of the industry, thereby leading to their holistic development. The program is being supported by employees in the entire project lifecycle.

Who is this program for?

If you are a bright young person full of passion and resolved to succeed through hard work, determination, devotion and perseverance and you are in your first year of engineering at a Government College then this program is for you. Nothing should stop you from achieving your goals, with the Siemens Scholarship Program, you get the right support to achieve both your personal and professional goals.

Who are the Siemens scholars and where are they placed?

Since 2013, nearly 1335 deserving students from 125 colleges across India have joined the program. Siemens Scholars who have graduated from the program have been placed in leading companies in various sectors such as engineering, banking and finance, IT services, infrastructure, automotive and consumer goods as well as in Siemens. They have turned role models in their communities and colleges, motivating many towards taking up engineering as a career and have enhanced their living conditions of their families. Few have taken up further studies.

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Where are the scholars from?

A PAN India program

The program is open to all bright engineering students from government colleges across India.

In 2013, the program started with 20 students from  7  colleges from Maharashtra. Today we are very proud to have a large mix of students from 27 different states with different backgrounds and from 125 colleges. We continue to create a pool of 1st class industry ready engineers and address the individual, social and economic dimensions. We are looking forward to increase our footprint and empower the skilled workforce. 

The Siemens Scholarship Program is a unique program with a 4 year Holistic Development Plan to foster young talent.

Highlights* :

  • Annual Scholarship comprises:
    - Reimbursement of tuition fees
    - Allowances for books, stationery, hostel, additional classes, etc
  • Holistic development program with internships at Siemens and other multinational companies
  • Yearly scholarship is subject to students clearing all subjects and scoring first class
  • Equal opportunity scholarship with 50% reserved for girls

*Terms & Conditions apply 


It’s good to ask questions, it’s here you’ll find answers

Do you have a question about the Siemens Scholarship Program? You’ll find all the information you need below.
  • First-year students of Government Engineering college (excluding IIT) from the following streams:
    - Mechanical / Production
    - Electrical
    - Electronics
    - Electronics & Telecommunication
    - Computer Science / Information Technology
    - Instrumentation
  • Age: Up to 20 years
  • SSC: Minimum 60% aggregate
  • HSC or equivalent result: Minimum 50% aggregate and minimum 60% PCM aggregate
  • Annual family Income: Not more than Rs. 2 lakhs

50% scholarship is reserved for girls.

Yes. Application forms will not be accepted if any of the above eligibility conditions are not met.

The online application tool will be open for a certain period after all admissions for the first year in Government Engineering Colleges is complete.

Right to admission to the Scholarship Program is reserved with Siemens Limited.

For more details, please write to

Siemens Scholarship Program is a flagship project of Siemens India.

Implementation Partners of Siemens Scholarship Program: Smile Foundation, Growth Centre (I) Pvt. Ltd. and
Ripe Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.