Technology helps visionaries turn ideas into reality

The rise of Industry 4.0 offers India a golden opportunity to innovate its way into a better future. Siemens supports this vision.
Ingenuity for life

A developed India gets one step closer, every day

Innovation and industriousness are deeply ingrained in Indian culture. And in that spirit, Siemens is helping to turn India’s vast untapped promise into real progress.

For inclusive, sustainable development

More and more Indians are feeling the benefits of a country going through widespread modernization. Rapid change is never easy, however, and daily struggles with limited transportation options and a lack of access to amenities can make us lose sight of the remarkable progress of the last few decades.

India is home to the largest number of people who have recently escaped poverty. The accelerating pace of this progress is helping to drive world economic growth. What matters most now is to keep that momentum going on the road to sustainable, inclusive prosperity.

The modernization of infrastructure is key to the quality of life for citizens who live in and near India's major cities. A reliable electricity supply not only helps create jobs and improve living conditions, but offers knock-on benefits for education, healthcare, the environment and much more.

When state-of-the-art technologies provide sustainable growth that benefits everyone – that’s Ingenuity for life.

Intelligent infrastructure

Optimising infrastructure

With daunting rates of urbanisation, India’s cities are under pressure. Urban infrastructure needs rapid expansion and improvement. Advanced sensors and control systems offer an efficiency upgrade that can help traffic to flow, cut energy use and make cities attractive places to live and do business in.

The basis for a better quality of life

Infrastructure is the backbone of cities, providing mobility, energy, water, security and quality of life. Prosperous cities are vital for India’s development, but they must be able to spread their prosperity to surrounding areas – with viable transportation options, for example.

About 10 million people a year move from the countryside to India’s cities in search of opportunity. After decades of underinvestment, local and national governments now recognise the urgency of upgrading infrastructure to support both current and future expectations.

Intelligent technologies are a fast and efficient way to optimise existing infrastructure. Based on advanced software and automation, intelligent infrastructure ensures the efficient and reliable delivery of essential services. Building management solutions increase security and comfort, while also optimising energy production and consumption in buildings.

Smart, integrated mobility systems ensure high capacity utilization and availability – at lower costs. What's more, people benefit from greater convenience, safety and punctuality. With innovative financing solutions, Siemens can help India’s cities unlock their potential.