Reliable power ensures no shutdowns, only startups. That’s Ingenuity for life.

India has accounted for nearly 10 percent of the world’s increase in economic activity since 2005. A resilient and reliable power supply offers better opportunities for schools, businesses and entrepreneurs – essential for continued sustainable economic growth.
Power transmission

Keeping the lights on

Across northern India, nine states are powered by one of the biggest transmission grids in the world. Almost 30% of the population – more than 360 million people – depend on it. If the power goes down here, it causes mass disruption.

Achieving a stable power supply in India is an ever-growing challenge as demand continuously rises. The size of the Northern Region transmission grid, overseen by Northern Regional Load Despatch Center (NRLDC), has nearly doubled over the last decade – and is expected to double again within the next seven years. Managing grid operations is a huge task made even more complex as the share of renewable energy sources grows.

Working with the NRLDC, Siemens replaced the old power system with an innovative hardware and software solution built around the Spectrum Power 7 Control Center Platform. The new system features eight State Load Despatch Centers, one Regional Load Despatch Center, and three backup control centers. The seamless and speedy takeover of this new platform was implemented without any interruption to grid operations.

The NRLDC is able now to manage its complex operations more effectively and in real time. The fast and accurate system minimises power losses and load shedding, reduces downtime and aids the efficient handling of any disruptions.

Across the region – an area more than twice the size of Germany – a reliable power supply dramatically improves living conditions, boosts literacy and education, and helps the economy create new and better jobs in manufacturing, services and many other industries.

Reliable and uninterrupted power supply is an essential prerequisite to meet India's goals of "Power for all" and "Make in India".
Dr. Harald Griem, Country Division Lead – Energy Management Division, Siemens Ltd. India

Achieving resilience in power

Siemens has the expertise and long-term experience that needed to ensure a stable, efficient and sustainable power supply.