When technology helps build infrastructure while saving energy and cost.

That's Ingenuity for life. Wonder Cement’s Greenfield plant in Nimbahera, Chittorgarh district, Rajasthan. India has successfully made the leap to a higher level of capacity, efficiency and flexibility

Smarter production

Cement is quite literally the glue that holds our cities together. In India, the world’s second-largest cement producer, the cement industry is a big part of the economy and a profitable one.

India is also the world's fourth largest construction market, and the country's growing housing market, and expanding industrial and commercial sectors mean cement is in very high demand. With the increased push to renew India’s urban infrastructure, the industry will surely benefit further.

Since cement production is extremely energy-intensive, even modest efficiency improvements can make a big difference to a cement producer’s carbon footprint and its balance sheet. Intelligent automation can provide better energy use, greater precision of work, and predictive maintenance that maximizes availability.

Wonder Cement

The demands of a fast-urbanizing country

With the thrust on expansion and upgrading of infrastructure development and affordable housing in the country, combined with enhanced demand from the real estate sector, cement production in India is projected for a positive long-term growth. Driving this growth is an innovative approach by cement manufacturers towards optimal resource utilization, efficiency enhancement and sustainable business through lower emissions.

Wonder Cement, a cutting-edge cement manufacturing company, aims to ride on this growth wave through an emphasis on technology and quality. Using these levers, it has been consistently overcoming challenges such as transportation cost of raw materials, finished cement and utilization of pet coke.

The Siemens CEMAT Automation software that is installed at Wonder Cement includes the Process Optimization solutions KCS and MCS that use actual plant data to make precise predictions about quality parameters. Plant process parameters that the operator enters manually result in consistent operation throughout the day. Thanks to the optimization solutions, operators are freed from monotonous routine work, so they can concentrate on key tasks. Furthermore, at any time the set points in the controllers can be adjusted to achieve stable production conditions at an optimum level. Additional advantages include constant production characteristics for consistent results. The solutions are very user friendly and they can be easily tuned to ever-changing process conditions to optimally run the loops.

The result is improved efficiency through more stable production processes, and better quality thanks to well-balanced sintering conditions. Furthermore, the lifetimes of the refractory and the equipment have been extended, and emissions have been lowered.

For over 40 years, we have consistently provided leading innovative solutions to the Indian cement industry.
Bhaskar Mandal, Country Division Lead, Process Industries and Drives, Siemens Ltd.

Supporting the cement industry

The solutions employed at Wonder Cement use real-time plant data to make precise predictions about quality parameters and can be integrated into an existing PCS 7 control system without additional hardware.

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