Energy and performance services help achieving specific sustainability and business performance targets

Optimize your on-site energy supply and demand side efficiency

Global drivers

New possibilities await at the grid edge

The grid edge is the interface of an intelligent grid with the connected energy consumers. Significant technological advances in renewable energy and energy storage as well as in energy management and efficiency enable you to exploit the full optimization potential that is becoming available here. This allows industries, infrastructure facilities, campuses, commercial areas, and buildings to reduce their energy consumption, produce their own energy, participate in the energy market, and optimize the performance of their business assets.

Let’s achieve your energy and sustainability goals together

Our energy and performance services combine deep technological domain know-how in the energy generation, distribution and management side with asset performance and building management. 

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Addressing decarbonization at the grid edge.

Decarbonization is a critical transition that is affecting all businesses in the commercial and industrial sector. Discover what measures you should take to get started on the path to decarbonization – download the free white paper now.

Project lifecycle

Consulting and implementation expertise across the entire scope and lifecycle of your project

Each project is unique, and its scope is based on your specific requirements. With Siemens’ decade-long expertise and deep domain know-how in management and optimization of energy supply and asset performance, we cover each step from initial assessment to management and maintenance of the implemented solution. The technical implementation of our solutions and service is supported by customized business and delivery models, which allow you to get your project under way faster and with optimal scope – even without initial investment.

Create transparency about the project

We thoroughly examine your situation regarding energy supply, consumption, and asset performance and define your specific requirements. In this audit we verify your already set goals and detect improvement potentials for your business. Depending on the goals and circumstances, the improvement measures and scope of work will be determined in a joint process. 

Find the best suitable concept

Within the concept and design phase different scenarios for energy supply, efficiency measures, and asset performance are reviewed. Additionally, conceivable business models are examined. This is carried out based on your specific data and processed with our in-house simulation and design tools. A comprehensive concept and a feasibility study are carried out to define and fine-tune the best suitable solution.

Prepare project approval

Our engineering process clarifies the investment costs for the project and establishes a detailed project approval, execution and time plan. The technical, mechanical and electrical layout and procurement specifications are determined. In addition, asset management and maintenance procedures are established and the overall operation and maintenance plan is defined considering your selected business model. This comprises compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.


The binding offer at the end of this phase gives you planning security due to guaranteed results regarding costs, timing, and performance of the solution. In addition, a customized financing proposal can be worked out.

Execute the defined measures

Your customized turn-key solution is built at cost and on time according to the defined technical specification with the best-suitable products and components. All performance measures are implemented as defined. Compliance to all relevant health and safety, quality, environmental and approval aspects, including change management and logistics, is ensured as part of the applied Siemens project management processes.


Thorough factory and site acceptance tests, trainings, and a comprehensive documentation safeguard the immediate operational capability of the solution following the official hand-over and ensure the guaranteed results.

Utilize the power of data

Operation can be outsourced to our globally distributed service centers. Tailored corrective and preventive maintenance services minimize downtimes. Our 24/7 staffed service centers ensure quick reaction to unforeseen events, maximizing the availability of your solution and connected assets. Based on a remote data connection, various digital services can be implemented:

  • Connect & visualize – connection to service cloud and visualization of plant data and KPIs, e.g. generated energy
  • Inform & support – target-actual comparison of system behavior and component status, incl. automated deviation notification
  • Optimize – continuous screening for optimization potential, e.g. operating strategy updates or system extensions

Siemens accelerates decarbonization at Coca-Cola production facility in Sweden

  • Siemens supports major energy-efficiency project at Coca-Cola
  • 13% reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Better air quality and decreased noise as additional benefits
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