Ever smarter power grids

A complex system needs intelligent answers. The growing importance of renewables sources and the related shift to a highly complex distributed generation landscape require ever smarter and digitally enabled solutions for power grids.
Intelligent grids

Flexible grids for demanding challenges

Given the dramatic changes in the energy system, grids must be able to flexibly manage bidirectional power flow and intermittency, and the entire system and its operations must be absolutely safe and secure. At the same time, new capacities need to be added, existing equipment updated, and grid operation optimized to make the entire infrastructure fit for the future. The integration of renewable energy into existing grids poses new challenges because of fluctuating demand, increasing distances between power generation and consumption, and the need for more cost-efficient infeed of power from renewables. None of this will work without making grids smarter, i.e. utilizing the potential of digitalization.  

Threats and opportunities of a dramatic change

Where will all the changes of the power supply systems lead to? A sophisticated discussion tries to give answers.

Two brilliant minds share and discuss their views on the reconstruction of the energy system. Günther Brauner, Professor Emeritus, Research group "Power Systems", at Vienna University of Technology, and Michael Weinhold, Chief Technology Officer at Siemens Energy Management, discuss the challenges and opportunities of the turmoil going on in the power supply markets. Digitalization will not only play a growing role in technological progress, but for the development of new business models as well.

Digitally enabled solutions necessary

While some countries are advancing the integration of renewables, others require a different energy mix. These energy-hungry countries need to supply a sufficient amount of affordable and available energy for their rapidly growing economies. Next-wave electrifier countries first need to build an infrastructure to provide their economy with sufficient power. To ensure that the power makes its way in a reliable, safe, and efficient manner in increasingly complex transmission and distribution environments. No matter what starting point they have, all of them need digitally enabled solutions. These solutions must be socially acceptable due to an increase in public awareness.

Siemens solutions

Shaping the future with innovative solutions

A steady stream of innovations in power technology for more than 160 years has made Siemens a trusted, valued partner to leading energy and industrial companies worldwide. In this tradition, Siemens is addressing the new grid-related challenges to the energy system all along the power supply chain. Siemens’ comprehensive portfolio covers the entire value chain in all major application fields: power transmission, power distribution, and power supply for industries and facilities. It is helping actively shape the future of energy from the point of grid infeed all the way to the customer – with resilient electrification, efficient automation, comprehensive digitalization, seamless integration, and long-standing, trusted business partnerships. The latter include consulting on power systems, buildings and facilities and business models.


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