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Face to Face training at SITRUST™ or at Client’s site

  • We provide safety trainings at SITRUST™ or @Customer’s premises as per customer’s requirement
  • During this type of training, we follow 70:20:10 ratio i.e. 70% challenging assignments based on knowledge and experience, 20% coaching, 10% classroom course work
  • ‘Train the Trainer’ concept is followed throughout the training
    All practical's are conducted on state of art equipment available at SITRUST Safety Park
  • Who should attend?
    • Occupational Safety Practitioners • Project Managers • Maintenance Managers • Construction Managers • Construction Site Supervisors • Safety Marshals • Site Engineers • Maintenance Engineers • Manufacturing Staff • Decision Makers
  • Expected Outcomes
    Each participant will be able to apply and implement the acquired knowledge and skill in a practical environment in following areas: • Preparation and execution of detailed safety plan • Carrying out on site hazard identification, risk assessment and mitigation • Monitoring and controlling safety KPI
Course offerings for different durations

Online Live Interactive Trainings

Short descriptions


Electrical Safety remains a neglected area, most of the time, until a Production Loss or Safety Threat arises at Site/Plant/Industry. Electrical Engineers most of the time are not able to strike a balance between un-interrupted Power Availability for Production and Safe Operations. Thus, Electrical Safety Awareness is of Prime Importance to both Electrical Engineers and Safety Managers.

Owing to increase in number and complexity of operations, the construction industry has become more dangerous. It employs skilled and unskilled labour subject to site accidents & health risks.

Due to lack of Management commitment, poor coordination between contractors, clients, site supervisors & workforce, unsafe work site conditions & unsafe behavior results in alarming  number of fatal accidents in this sector.

Wherever there is human and machine interface, there is a chance of accident. This course is designed to capture the following fundamental aspects of a manufacturing plant such as machine safety while processing, material handling safety and infrastructure safety (water, air, electricity etc.). Once the course is finished, preparation of Safe Work Method Statement in  material handling, machine safety and infrastructure related activity will be the expected outcome from the participants.

Machines are frequent and persistent source of serious Occupational injuries in every sector. The absence of machine guarding & other  programs such as lockout/tag out may result in fatalities for worker who operate & maintain machinery. 

To eradicate the injuries due to unsafe machinery, better knowledge of Machine Safety is need of the hour for machine user, designer and builders.

Siemens SITRUST brings to you a Training Program on “Machine Safety” which includes best practical strategies suitable for Indian conditions. The program focuses on Machine Guarding, Safety Interlocking & Risk Mitigation by Practical Implementable Methods. Once the course is finished, preparation of Safe Work Method Statement for machine safety in shop floor activity will be the expected outcome from the participants.

Safety while using Cranes (Material handling equipment) and Rigging techniques are inevitable in any industry. Understanding the various material handling equipment's such as Forklifts, BOPT(Battery Operated Pallet Trucks), High reach stacker, Man lifter, EOT crane, Goliath crane , mobile crane and scissor lifts (both fixed and movable) and their critical hazards for safe operation is the key portion we focus on with practical explanation. Justification of lifting plan by selecting the right slings or tools and tackles to perform critical lifting based on different hitches relevant for the industry is also discussed in this section. Once the course is finished, preparation of Safe Work Method Statement for material handling activity will be the expected outcome from the participants.

Identification of  foreseen and unforeseen hazards and assessing the risk for mitigation plays a big role in any industry. In Indian scenario, to execute a safe work  by developing SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement) for critical activities is a challenging task  to work safely in unsafe conditions .

Siemens SITRUST brings to you a Training Program on “Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment and Preparation of Safe Work Method Statement” which includes what and how to perform Risk assessment process in the workplace. The program focuses on  Hazard Identification by showing practical hazards , Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction with the help of SWMS by Practical Implementable Methods.

Fire hazard is the major threat when we consider in any industry or establishment. Companies involve major fire will never recover. It triggers to deal with the fire by understanding chemistry of fire and its prevention measures is a topic where major focus is given.

Participants will learn Fire Suppression System and Fire Prevention System with topics such as Fire extinguishers, Fire Hydrants, Fire sprinklers, Fire detectors, Clean Agents etc.


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