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SICEMENT Electrification

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In cement production, electrical power has always to be where you need it, when you need it. To safeguard a reliable supply under all conditions, it’s a good decision to build on SICEMENT Electrification from Siemens – the company where electricity has been a core business since 1847. Siemens comprehensive expertise in energy planning, configuration and management ensure reliable, safe and economical power supply and optimal power flow. Every stage of the power supply lifecycle of the facility is definitely already taken into consideration. And our product offering comprises high-voltage switchgear, transformers, medium-voltage and low-voltage distribution as well as power monitoring, management and control systems.

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SICEMENT Electrification

Leading-edge solutions – get the energy you need

Electrical distribution in cement plants is highly diverse – from kilowatts to megawatts, from high-voltage to low-voltage switchgear. Together with our customers, we analyze your requirements for energy systems and develop tailored solutions that address your challenges along the entire energy conversion chain. What’s more: SICEMENT Electrification includes technology and expertise for an economically efficient and reliable power supply, which accounts for resource scarcity and helps to protect the climate.
Our customized solutions, systems, and services for the cement industry:

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Benefit from rugged design

It’s a simple law of electricity that the lower the losses, the higher the efficiency. It therefore makes sense to install electrical substations as close to the various plant areas as possible. With their compact and maintenance-free design, all SICEMENT Electrification components can be decentralized and near the loads. This allows for economically optimized system layouts and helps you reduce your CO2 footprint.


Sooner or later, older electrical systems need an upgrade. As your partner from consulting to plant engineering, Siemens connects you with the future.

Energy distribution systems

SICEMENT Electrification energy distribution systems are tailored to the requirements of industrial cement plants. Based on low-maintenance modules, they integrate a wide variety of power-consuming equipment because of their universal standardization. It is therefore possible to link up the large spectrum of process applications to a universal integrated system.

This is the basis for centrally controlling and regulating the total energy requirement within the CEMAT process management control level and outwards to the field and is the only way to solve problems quickly and avoid costly outages. 


Where supply voltage is transformed from medium to low level, the closer the power consumer is to the energy distribution, the lower the energy transmission losses are. So for cost-saving reasons alone, it is important to locate transformers as close as possible to the power consumer. That is why SICEMENT Electrification comprises particularly compact transformers which can be installed in practically any environment. 

HV, MV and LV switchgear models

From the supply to the main energy distribution and through to the power consumers, SICEMENT Electrification uses modular switchgear to provide safe energy distribution across the entire manufacturing process of the cement plant.

They cater for the specific industrial demands of the sector and completely span the entire high, medium and low voltage distribution range. All switchgear is incorporated into the integrated Siemens communications architecture and can therefore provide all key consumption data to the CEMAT process management level.

Energy management and optimization

There is considerable untapped potential for energy-saving within cement plants. SICEMENT Electrification enables plant operators to manage energy consistently. Due to the complete transparency in consumption and efficient power distribution, this integrated system helps to improve energy use and significantly reduce costs.

Modules such as protection and measuring equipment for collecting precise consumption data provide the ideal basis for process streamlining. With energy management add-ons to our CEMAT process control system, energy values can easily be displayed and evaluated. This not only gives works operators a clear display of energy consumption, but it also allocates to the correct cost center based on usage, and has automatic load management.

Your environmental advantage

Power management from Siemens helps to protect the environment by identifying energy-intensive loads in your plant. Analyzing this information and implementing corrective measures allows you to optimize your energy consumption and costs and, at the same time, ensures you stay within the contractual power limits.

How it is done? Intelligent power management – integrated in SIMATIC PCS 7 – determines exactly how much energy each unit is using. That reveals the „energy wasters“ so that they can be replaced by more efficient systems. Another important factor is monitoring energy imports, and keeping within contractual limits by, for example, selectively switching off defined parts of the plant.

More value with Siemens power generation equipment

Putting resources to the best possible use is crucial, but many plants only utilize a fraction of their fuel’s energy. To remain successful, each industry needs stable production processes and, ideally, zero downtime. Energy reserves must be readily available, and reliable power supply is essential. It makes sense to invest in sustainable technology. Not only to significantly minimize CO₂ emissions and com-ply with regulations, but also to make the most of the re-sources at hand.

With a comprehensive portfolio of gas and steam turbines and extensive plant construction expertise, Siemens is a leading player in the industrial power market, and field proven in more than 80 gas and steam turbines delivered to cement plants globally in the past three decades.

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