Fire safety in data centers

Fire safety in data centers

Maximum availability

Data centers are the world’s digital backbone, and countless users rely on the information stored in them. Our fast-paced society expects this information to be accessible anywhere and at any time, and even the shortest of downtimes can have considerable financial consequences. Minimizing the risk of fire damage is therefore a top priority: Reliably detecting incipient fires as early as possible and the quick activation of appropriate response measures are key pre-requisites in ensuring maximum system availability. Our state-of-the-art fire safety portfolio can help you keep your data center up and running.

Need a guide to plan your fire protection system? Read our fire safety concept.

Fire safety concept for data centers

Our offering

Comprehensive protection

There are few areas where business interruptions are as costly as in data storage. On average, the financial loss caused by server downtime is $7,300 per minute, and fires at data centers can easily threaten the survival of entire businesses. Statistics show that 6% of infrastructure failures in data centers are related to fire, and of those companies hit by a major fire event, over 70% are forced to discontinue their business within a period of three years. For maximum protection, a comprehensive fire safety system is needed to ensure business continuity, personal safety and damage mitigation in the case of fire. Our advanced offering provides optimal fire protection and contributes to data centers’ around-the-clock availability.

Our promise

A specialized solution for every application

For all applications from single server rooms to large data centers with different areas, the fire protection systems need to be tailored to their specific requirements.

What our customers say

We have successfully equipped data centers all over the world with fire safety systems tailored to their specific demands. Our solutions never fail to satisfy our customers – but see for yourself:

Silent Extinguishing Technology for safe and quiet extinguishing

Several years ago the fire protection industry became aware of potential disruptions to magnetic hard disk drives and storage systems during the discharge of gas extinguishing systems. We analyzed the problem and the findings concluded that all currently available magnetic hard disk drives are noise-sensitive. With our intelligent Sinorix Silent Extinguishing Technology, we offer safe and quiet extinguishing for data centers and server rooms. The heart of the technology is the Sinorix Silent Nozzle. The Silent Nozzle and associated measures can prevent noise-induced disruptions to hard disk drives and entire storage systems in data centers and server rooms.


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