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Integrated Data Center Management Suite

Data management has become one of the pillars of our economy. As result, the protection and operation of data center infrastructure is critical. Transparency is essential for safe and reliable operations – and so is a standard set of management tools for IT and facility infrastructure. This is exactly what IDCMS provides: with its integrated approach to infrastructure management, it covers operational processes from end to end.

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An integrated management approach for full data center transparency

IDCMS is a holistic infrastructure management approach that integrates functionalities of Building Management Systems (BMS), Energy Power Management Systems (EPMS) and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM). In regard to the latter, that includes among others CFD, workflows, cable and asset management, and advisory and performance services.  Additionally, the IDCMS from Siemens also allows you to integrate existing third-party applications. 


IDCMS is modular and scalable. You decide which infrastructure management disciplines you need and when to implement them. IDCMS goes with your needs and grows with your success.

“To manage, you must integrate”

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