Digital Leap

An initiative by Siemens Factory Automation, Automation Systems in India to empower your digital transformation journey

What is Digital Leap? How does Digital Leap help?

Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution is inevitably gathering momentum.


Digitalization is emerging as a driver of sweeping change in the world around us. Connectivity has shown the potential to empower millions of people, while providing businesses with unparalleled opportunities for value creation.


Digitalization is also changing the production methods used by today’s manufacturing companies to ensure their long-term competitiveness. 


Customer demands are becoming increasingly individualized. In order to meet these complex growing demands, manufacturers need to reduce their time to market, become more efficient and flexible. At the same time they also have to maintain and consistently improve their products’ quality. 


Simply optimizing automation is no longer enough: Consistent, end-to-end Digitalization offers real potential across the entire value chain.


To make the most of your journey towards Digitali­zation and Industry 4.0 today and to ensure your competitive edge with scalable solutions from Siemens, we are introducing the third edition of Digital Leap in India.

Digital Leap is a pro-active initiative from Siemens Digital Industries - Factory Automation business in India which provides customized automation packages that will enable customers to address various manufacturing challenges - Reducing Time-to-market, Enhancing Flexibility, Increasing Quality and Increasing Efficiency with Improved Security.

In order to aid our customers and partners with the right tools and solutions to help them begin their Digitalization journey, Siemens Factory Automation, Automation Systems India introduces the Digital Leap initiative with new modules and packages. In addition to this, Digital Leap edition 3 also provides products from our SINAMICS drive portfolio along with customized financial solutions to empower your digital transformation.

Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) forms the basis of the modules of Digital Leap. TIA already provides everything required to turn the benefits of Digitalization into genuine, measurable value add. With an integrated portfolio of hardware and software components, the TIA automation concept enables efficient engineering and transparent operations.

As an integral part of the Digital Leap, TIA makes Digitalization offerings tangible and enables its step by step implementation.

With various applications offered in Digital Leap, one can see how quickly and reliably Digital transformation can be implemented and realized in the TIA environment.

Totally Integrated Automation Portal

Your stepping stone towards digital transformation

The Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) provides you with unrestricted access to our complete range of digitalized automation services, from digital planning and integrated engineering to transparent operation.

What is new in Digital Leap edition 3?

Discover concrete benefits from TIA Portal and Digitalization with tailor made use cases as basis of Digital Leap

Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) already provides everything necessary to turn the benefits of Digitalization into genuine added value. With an integrated portfolio of hardware and software components, the TIA automation concept enables efficient engineering and transparent operations. The TIA use cases makes your digital transformation tangible and enables its step-by-step implementation of our various packages under Digital Leap to maximize your competitiveness and address your challenges in particular applications. Following use cases form the foundation of the packages in Digital Leap:

Use Case: Automatic execution of engineering tasks

How can you create machine versions faster?

Reducing redundant engineering tasks

Running work processes in parallel using integrated Digitalization promises huge time gains, allowing one to handle the increasing complex applications, to respond quickly to constantly changing customer demands, to guarantee consistent top quality in the development process. 

Efficient engineering is a result of shared data storage, comprehensive libraries, and intelligent editors. Thanks to the reusable program modules in the TIA Portal, you can reduce engineering effort by an average of 10%. Engineering tasks can also be automated with the support of the portal. External program generators can be connected to the portal via the open TIA Portal Openness interface.

In addition, the SIMATIC Visualization Architect can generate the HMI visualization automatically based on the control program.



  • Redundant processes are eliminated as of the second machine
  • Program quality is increased by preventing errors
  • Efficiency is increased during maintenance and Adjustments


Digital Leap packages applicable

Automatic execution of engineering tasks

Use Case: Efficient cloud based engineering in production engineering

How can you always have the right engineering version at hand?

Always have the right engineering version available TIA Portal cloud Connector

In order to use the correct engineering version for onsite maintenance, machine builders simply need to start the TIA Portal Cloud Connector and connect to the company network. After selecting the required version with installed license keys and activating the Cloud Connector, they can connect to the local machine network and repair the fault in the relevant automation environment.

The TIA Portal Cloud Connector enables central management of your engineering software on a server. From an engineering workstation, you can work with TIA Portal (which is installed on a server) via a remote desktop connection. For this, the TIA Portal Cloud Connector serves as communication tunnel.



  • Cross network software access
  • Central software management

Digital Leap packages applicable

Efficient cloud based engineering in production engineering

Use Case: Virtual commissioning with TIA Portal

How can you use virtualization to rule out errors at an early stage?

More time in the office

For machine builders and operators, commissioning is a crucial time when everything has to work. Virtual commissioning at an early stage shortens actual on-site commissioning time, minimizes the risk of errors during a subsequent development phase and makes it possible to start production sooner. The SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced virtual controller simulates controller functions and can control a virtual model of the machine or plant via an open interface as needed. The machine or plant is imaged using, for example, NX Mechatronics Concept Designer or TECNOMATIX Process Simulate.



  • Shorter development time thanks to parallel mechanical and automation engineering 
  • Reduced error costs thanks to early detection 
  • Easier to calculate costs for real commissioning


Digital Leap packages applicable 

Virtual commissioning with TIA Portal

Use Case: Integrated Energy Management

How can you systematically reduce your energy consumption?

Making energy flow and energy consumption transparent 

Collecting and visualizing energy data is essential for increasing energy efficiency. This applies not only to electricity but to all other forms of energy relevant to production, including heat and compressed air. With the help of the SIMATIC Energy Suite, this data is gathered and processed directly in the controller. SIMATIC WinCC can store and visualize the energy data for the purpose of evaluation. The SIMATIC Energy Suite is a consistent, end-to-end system with transparency from the infeed to energy distribution to the consumer.



  • In-depth energy analysis
  • Calculable energy consumption
  • Optimized production costs 


Digital Leap packages applicable

Integrated Energy Management

Use Case: Automation Planning

How can we exchange planning data digitally and independent of the platform

Seamless transfer of planning and engineering data

Configuration of automation hardware in the TIA Selection Tool enables time and cost savings thanks to error-free configuration of the entire automation portfolio. Transfer of automation configuration for engineering in the TIA Portal or for electrical planning in ECAD systems via automation markup language (AML) files leads to increased quality and helps to avoid redundant planning steps and errors. Full flexibility is enabled thanks to the standard AML interface.



  • High data quality through consistency
  • Faster planning 
  • One exchange format for higher flexibility


Digital Leap packages applicable 

Automation Planning

Financing makes it easier for you to take the Digital Leap!

Industry 4.0 machines, technology and equipment are revolutionizing manufacturing by digitalizing production processes, quality assurance, maintenance, planning, forecasting, innovation and discovery, time to market, supply chain efficiency, and many other aspects of the manufacturing ecosystem. Digital data capture and data flow are enabling a degree of flexibility and efficiency that will dramatically lower production costs while increasing scale, agility and profitability.


The financial benefit manufacturers stand to gain from upgrading their production environment to Industry 4.0 (by undertaking digital transformation) is tremendous. True early adopters and second wave of followers who will be amongst the first to convert to Industry 4.0/undertake digital transformation will gain the maximum competitive differentiation and return on investment.

Finance made easy for digital transformation

A recent study found that although many businesses that have made investments in technology are seeing payoffs, others are finding it difficult to take the first step toward investing - even though digital technologies make it possible to generate more new opportunities in new markets and localized economies.  This is very often because businesses still face challenges such as: 

  • Focused on short-term results
  • Lack of technological understanding and/or business success cases 
  • Investing in Industry 4.0/Digital transformation in a financially sustainable manner or Difficulty in being able to justify Return on Investment (RoI)


For the financing challenge, Siemens Financial Services can provide Smart Finance solutions which enable:  

  • Immediate investments to gain a competitive advantage with Industry 4.0/Digital transformation
  • Proven Return on investment through financing arrangements which are adjusted to match projected commercial advantages from Industry 4.0 transformation.
To secure benefits of Digitalization

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TIA Portal helped us to develop the programs concurrently and it seamlessly integrated all the bits of the programs saving time and we experienced a seamless development environment.
Sendtil Parthasarathy – Director and Executive Vice President, Business Development, Hirotec India

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