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Discover how digitalization changes the way we engineer machines
Efficient engineering

Engineering means teaching machines what to do

Innovative technologies make machines more and more powerful. But without programming they would be useless. With the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal), engineering and programming become easier and more efficient.

If the frame is blue, something has changed.

Machines consist of many components that handle specific tasks. Instead of programming each individual component separately, the TIA Portal enables engineers to focus on the best possible result by combining the whole process into a single engineering platform.


As everything is connected in the TIA Portal, when changes are made in one area, the affected parts are then adapted accordingly. Powerful code libraries, comprehensible visualization, and diagnostic tools further simplify the engineering of complex machines and related operations. The new TIA Portal V14 adds further enhancements.

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Yes, we can talk to machines

The TIA Portal is the proven tool for engineers in many different markets all over the world. Learn more about the TIA Portal in practice from our customers.
Benefits of digitalization

Link between worlds

More than an engineering framework: The TIA Portal ties the advantages of automation and digitalization into a single tool. This makes production faster, more flexible, more efficient, and improves the results.

Integrated engineering

All important automation components are integrated into the TIA Portal, so you can program everything from controllers, peripherals, and drives to HMI, safety, and motion control or even energy management. A consistent database and libraries with commonly used functions make engineering faster and even easier.

Digital workflow

A digital workflow allows a virtual copy of machines and plants to be used to simulate and test every aspect before actually building the real thing. This „digital twin“ is also networked with operational IT and the cloud to enable even more flexibility, with the end result being higher quality products.

Transparent operation

With increasing global competition it’s essential to know everything that is happening in a machine. With transparent operation you can make the right decisions, thanks to consistent data and in-depth analytics. This also raises energy efficiency, an increasingly important factor in gaining competitiveness.

TIA Portal in detail

TIA Portal – your gateway to automation in the Digital Enterprise

Digitalization makes automation even more powerful. The TIA Portal offers you fast and easy access to all automation components and complex functions on a single platform. To learn more about how you can benefit from working with the TIA Portal visit our website.

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