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SIMATIC Batch Automation

Simple, flexible and scalable: Compliant batch automation with SIMATIC BATCH

In addition to constant product quality and reproducibility of the process, other challenges also apply to batch processes: The market and consumers demand product diversity, product life cycles are becoming shorter, standards are being extended and the control requirements for traceability of production (FDA compliance) are becoming stricter. The SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system offers the right solution for all batch automation requirements and all market challenges. The SIMATIC BATCH software package works with recipe support and solves even highly complex tasks with changing control processes simply and flexibly. 

Discontinuous process - consistent product quality

Efficient automation of batch processes

The SIMATIC BATCH software package is ideal for the cost-effective and efficient automation of batch processes with our process control system: It is fully integrated in SIMATIC PCS 7, in the visualization as well as in the engineering system. The modular architecture of SIMATIC BATCH and the stepless scalability of hardware and software guarantee optimum adaptation to plant size and individual customer requirements. It can be used in small pilot plants as well as in production plants of any size.

The SIMATIC BATCH recipe editor with its graphical user interface and process-oriented operation enables fast and intuitive creation of recipes and library operations. In addition, this convenient tool offers editing functions for individual and grouped objects as well as structural syntax checking.

The alternative branches for exception handling are often used in the recipe creation phase for flexible procedure structures or to prevent malfunctions in batch operation. With the "Free Jumps" function, SIMATIC BATCH offers an alternative to this and ensures clarity in the recipe structure and more flexibility when creating recipes.

Evaluated events or faults can be reacted to automatically with the aid of a command step. Individual phases or other recipe objects of the batch can be cancelled automatically or set to "Hold". For example, dosing and stirring in a running batch can be switched to Hold while cooling continues. All changes are logged. 

In SIMATIC BATCH, freely selectable recipe areas can be monitored during runtime for any events or process states, so that in the event of a malfunction, the batch can be automatically converted into a stable state. After that the procedure can be continued automatically at the old position or at any other position.

The SIMATIC BATCH Batch Control Center (BatchCC) is the central component for the administration, monitoring and control of batch processes. The clear graphical user interface allows the processing of all batch-relevant tasks, e.g. reading in and updating the plant data of the basic automation, defining user rights for all functions, managing basic recipes or creating batches. In addition, the operator can control the individual recipe objects (e.g. phases or transitions) with the appropriate rights and, if necessary, change setpoints. The operator can be requested to confirm or enter values via an operator dialog. All operator interventions are recorded and logged.     

With the BatchCC, production orders and batches can be created individually. Batches can be planned in advance for a large number of production orders. In addition, all batches, including their partial plant occupancy and possible occupancy conflicts, can be clearly displayed. Individual batches can be interlinked.   

The SIMATIC BATCH report documents the recipes and batch data in the form of logs: Batch records contain all the data required for tracing the process sequence (e.g. start and end times, target and actual values, operator interventions, fault messages), while the recipe records document all structures and target values of a basic recipe. As an alternative to the integrated report function, the SIMATIC Process Historian can also be used for long-term archiving and logging/evaluation of batch data.

Nowadays, legal requirements to ensure quality standards increasingly lead to the obligation to validate plants. SIMATIC BATCH supports you with a range of functionalities according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and conforms to the requirements of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The traceable and reproducible production is ensured by extensive logging possibilities. With SIMATIC BATCH, all specifications of the ISA-88 models can be completely mapped. The proof that the production process reproducibly meets the acceptance criteria in practical use is facilitated by this:

  • Central user administration with access control via SIMATIC Logon
  • Audit trails (change log)
  • electronic signature according to 21 CFR Part11
  • System-supported versioning of recipe objects
  • consistent standardization

SIMATIC BATCH is fully integrated into SIMATIC PCS 7. The plant data can be completely configured via the engineering system. The objects for the visualization, such as SFC instances or units, are generated automatically. The engineering system transfers all data required for recipe creation to the batch server. This allows recipe editing to be carried out separately from the engineering system. SIMATIC BATCH supports the operation and monitoring of batch processes with standard operating screens (faceplates and OS controls that can be displayed in the process screen).  It is also possible to operate via OS Controls, which are configured in a web client. Operator interventions during batch production, such as interrupting and continuing recipe processes, are just as possible as the direct opening of detailed information from SFC instances.          


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