Industrial communication: The reliable, secure networking of plants with our process control systems


Efficient and productive: Industrial communication via standardized bus systems and networks

Industrial communication ensures reliable data exchange and continuous information flow from the field to the management level. Even the realization of digital transformation is not possible without powerful communication. Especially in the process industry, communication solutions must be able to cope with special challenges: Data transfer in real time, communication in hazardous areas, widely distributed plants, etc. Our powerful process control systems support the current international communication standards and fully rely on PROFINET! The world's leading Industrial Ethernet standard enables high-performance, plant-wide communication in real time - indispensable in times of big data. 

Industrial communication – guarantor for openness, flexibility, efficiency and performance

Intelligent networking for the future

PROFIBUS, HART, MODBUS, AS-Interface, FOUNDATION Fieldbus etc., various communication standards have been used in the process industry for a long time and without them safe and productive plant operation would not be possible. In order to meet the growing demands of industry, industrial networks have to perform more and more. SIMATIC PCS 7 therefore fully relies on the Ethernet-based PROFINET standard, but also "speaks" all other important industrial standards.

PROFINET is the useful combination of the advantages of PROFIBUS, which with over 50 million installed nodes is one of the most widely used bus systems worldwide, and the advantages of Industrial Ethernet. PROFINET is the leading Industrial Ethernet standard for automation and plays an important role in the digitalization of the process industry. With its features – from openness, scalability, flexibility and vendor neutrality to deterministic communication and hard real-time capability – you are well equipped for digital transformation and the world of Industry 4.0. Whether you integrate new communication standards such as OPC UA, combine IT and production networks, or take the next big step with time-sensitive networking (TSN) – the turbo for PROFINET and OPC UA.


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Indispensable for every existing plant: continuous information flow from the field level to the management level. In addition to the Ethernet-based PROFINET standard, our control systems also "speak" other important industrial standards such as PROFIBUS, HART, MODBUS, AS-Interface, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, etc. These communication standards are established in existing plants in the process industry and without them productive plant operation would not be possible. On this basis, Siemens offers a powerful and robust product range for the realization of secure and fast communication networks. 


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