Plant Device Management: Easy maintenance and servicing 

Condition monitoring and diagnostics - uniform and clear for all plant components

During plant operation, process control and operation are only part of the routine work. Equally important is the condition monitoring and diagnosis of all system components. Their functionality should always be close to optimum. However, in order to obtain status information from field devices, sensors or motors, different communication types and network transitions between bus systems must be overcome. A complete integration of diagnostic information into control or maintenance systems is the task of Plant Device Management.

Diagnostics, maintenance, administration - focus on plant components

Intelligent management of process components

From engineering to process control and monitoring, to maintenance of field devices - our aligned product portfolio ensures that your plant is operated with maximum availability and efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle. For this purpose, the diagnosis, parameterization and status data are cyclically recorded from the intelligent field devices and displayed clearly. Furthermore, the device-specific information can be made available to asset management systems or cloud-based condition monitoring systems for further analysis. This ensures a more transparent, efficient and sustainable plant operation.

Our process device management can be used in a variety of ways. No matter how you use our system, the core of every application is SIMATIC PDM (Plant Device Management). In a single software environment, a large number of field devices from well over 200 manufacturers can be uniformly parameterized, diagnosed and managed. Further highlights:

  • Since the communication architecture in the field is often heterogeneous, SIMATIC PDM supports all common communication types and network transitions between bus systems, e.g. Ethernet, PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP/PA, HART.
  • Data is collected and forwarded cyclically and can also be integrated into cloud-based analysis and processing concepts.
  • Devices not yet directly supported can be integrated at any time by importing their device descriptions (EDD) or device description packages (FDI).
  • Benefit from future-proof products which are continuously further developed on the basis of NAMUR recommendations NE105, 107 and 129.

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Many integrated functions of SIMATIC PDM help with effective engineering and shorten commissioning times. For example, thanks to device-neutral project engineering or the support of various device management scenarios. Several views of the project and the devices to be processed are available to the user: Network or plant view, the hardware project view and the parameter view. The Lifelist is the ideal working environment for service and commissioning. Another highlight of SIMATIC PDM is the bulk operation function. This can be used to create work lists for many field devices that SIMATIC PDM processes independently and partially in parallel. Uniform tasks or work steps can also be applied to several field devices simultaneously. 

SIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station is the first choice when it comes to condition monitoring and maintenance of smart field devices. As a service and diagnostic tool in a stand-alone version, it is independent of process control and automation technology. SIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station can be connected directly to the system bus for device data acquisition, parameterization and management.

The SIMATIC Plant Asset Maintenance Station (SIMATIC PAM Station), which can be used as a stand-alone unit, works independently of the automation projects and the therefore used automation systems. It is primarily designed for the management of maintenance, diagnostic and condition monitoring functions of package units, captures diagnostic messages of all components of package units and provides complete field device management. Each unit and each field device is represented on the SIMATIC PAM station in the overview screens by a symbol with maintenance and message status.

The SIMATIC PCS 7 Maintenance Station is responsible for the diagnosis, component management, acquisition and forwarding of parameterization, diagnostic and status data of components within a SIMATIC PCS 7 project. The station creates the basis for effective maintenance and repair strategies. Within the SIMATIC PCS 7 Maintenance Station, SIMATIC PDM is used to record identity data, detailed diagnostic information, parameterization and status data.


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Learn more about Plant Device Management with SIMATIC PCS 7. The documents in the download area deepen certain aspects and inform you about special functions.

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