Production management level integration


OPC-compliant connection to business planning and operations control systems with OpenPCS 7

The flexible and secure exchange of data between systems in the entire planning, production and supply chain is immensely important for being able to survive in the market. For business transparency, the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) used at the plant management level act as a link between the process and company levels. The MES is dependent on feedback from the process and through consolidation, optimization and rationalization measures, the merging of the process control level with the MES and the ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning – e.g. SAP/R3) located above them becomes even more important. OpenPCS 7 provides a direct connection between the control system and higher-level systems. 

Smooth exchange between process control level and production or company control level

Vertical integration for more business success

Systems for process data evaluation and management as well as production planning systems are important levers for process optimization and for reducing operating costs. SIMATIC PCS 7 is an open system and offers an integrated basis for the vertical integration of process automation, operation and company management levels. For this purpose, our control system supports access from other applications to process values, archived process values and process alarms in accordance with the industry standards of the OPC Foundation. Via an OpenPCS 7 server, this data is made available to the higher-level systems for production planning, process data evaluation and management.

An MES (Manufacturing Execution System) such as SIMATIC IT is critical to ensuring full component integration and the highest quality and production efficiency in all global facilities.

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), on the other hand, enables you to successfully implement your strategy for the complete digitalization of your manufacturing operations. Siemens Opcenter offers a comprehensive insight into production and enables decision-makers to identify areas that need to be improved both within product development and related manufacturing.

Both systems depend on reliable data flow from the process control level and can access process data from SIMATIC PCS 7 via the OpenPCS 7 server.


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The open structure of PCS 7 supports access by third-party applications to process values, archived process values and process alarms. Communication takes place via the industry standards of the OPC Foundation: OPC Data Access, OPC UA Data Access, OPC Alarm and Events and OPC Historical Data Access. In addition, access by third-party applications is supported with the WinCC OLE DB database mechanism.


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Learn more about the standardized connection of SIMATIC PCS 7 to higher-level systems. The documents in the download area deepen certain aspects and inform you about special functions.

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