The standard integrated system library: Advanced Process Library

Optimum basis for simple project planning and reliable process control: The SIMATIC PCS 7 Advanced Process Library

Optimum basis for simple project planning and reliable process control: The SIMATIC PCS 7 Advanced Process Library

Standardized automation functions organized in libraries are widely used today in all areas of the process industry. The library used in the control system significantly determines the quality of the operating and monitoring functions of a plant. The Advanced Process Library (APL) of SIMATIC PCS 7 is not only characterized by user-friendliness and safety. It also makes a significant contribution to minimizing the engineering effort and thus the project costs. Thanks to low maintenance costs, the library will also allow more economical operation for years to come.

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SIMATIC PCS 7 provides standardized and modular software functions for process control and visualization. In the standard engineering software, these prefabricated and tested function blocks, image blocks and symbols for motors, valves, controllers and monitoring tasks are organized in control libraries. The Advanced Process Library (APL) is installed by default.

Standardized modules for motors, valves, controls or monitoring tasks are used for the simple implementation of automation and process control solutions. These function block types are the smallest standardized software modules. Such a module realizes the entire control logic, provides the necessary protection and monitoring functions as well as suitable operating and visualization options. In short: all the functionality required in the control system for this process equipment is provided in the APL modules. These prefabricated and tested blocks, image blocks and symbols form the optimum basis for simple project planning and reliable process control.

The Advanced Process Library of SIMATIC PCS 7 combines the many years of experience of project engineers and plant operators with international standards as well as current NAMUR recommendations and PNO specifications. You receive proven and system-tested functionality that has proven itself worldwide! Ergonomic module design as well as visually appealing user interfaces with high user comfort facilitate the operator's interaction with his plant. The Advanced Process Library combines a wide range of functions with higher-quality control functions.

Create the basis for condition and performance monitoring of mechanical components! SIMATIC PCS 7 offers a cost-effective solution for this by evaluating sensor signals that are already present in the control system. This means that you do not need any special additional sensors such as structure-borne sound or acceleration sensors. Operate and monitor your assets in optimal operating condition and thus reduce maintenance and energy costs in your plant. The Condition Monitoring Library is based on function blocks for cost-effective monitoring and analysis of mechanical assets such as pumps, valves or filters. By using these modules, you increase the efficiency and availability of these mechanical components and at the same time detect any damage at an early stage.

Thanks to higher-quality controls, even complex relationships between process parameters or variables can be described mathematically - and used for automatic and flexible plant operation! You benefit in several ways: Unwanted fluctuations in critical process variables can be drastically reduced, raw material input and energy consumption can be noticeably reduced - and this with a reduction in the operator load. An additional advantage is that the use of sophisticated controls can achieve a considerable increase in throughput and product quality.

In the future, make SIMATIC PCS 7 the basis for automated monitoring, control and regulation of technical building equipment such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology (HVAC technology). Or you benefit from harmonized overall solutions for control engineering tasks with special automation requirements in sectors such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, water/waste water, glass, solar or oil & gas. For industry-specific solutions, the SIMATIC PCS 7 Industry Library (IL) is an add-on product that extends the standard functionality of the Advanced Process Library with characteristic industry functionalities.


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SIMATIC PCS 7 Advanced Process Graphics (APG) provides graphic objects for optimizing the process visualization of operator screens and offers plant operators more compact and simplified displays. They help the operator to identify and react to process trends before an alarm is triggered. For effective process control, APG offers hybrid displays, trend curves and Kiviat diagrams that provide the operator with information rather than data. Especially quality-relevant process parameters can be monitored more easily with these displays. The SIMATIC PCS 7 Advanced Process Graphics Library (APG) is available as an add-on product for the Advanced Process Library. 


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Find out more about the Advanced Process Library of SIMATIC PCS 7. The documents in the download area deepen certain aspects and inform you about special functions.

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