3SB5 Pilot Devices

Special attention has to be paid to the interaction between man and machine.


Fault sources and system disturbances must be signaled reliably – and as early as possible. Our extensive range of 3SB5 Commanding  and Signaling devices is designed to meet the challenge.


Push button actuators, selector actuators, key actuators, compact & modular indicators… our 3SB5 pilot devices let you handle every situation confidently. It is eminently suitable for installation in any control and auxiliary circuit, AC or DC.


Packed with user-oriented features, the 3BS5 pushbuttons and lamps are a practical state-of-the-art answer to the Indian customer‘s search for higher contact reliability, increased operator safety, reduced labour input (faster mounting and wiring), electronics compatibility and compactness plus IP65/67 degree of protection. The availability of 2 separate models – the rear wire connection type for panel mounting application and the ultra-compact front wire connection type for push button stations with removable covers render the 3SB5 devices ideal for panels, control desks, control stations, machine tools, etc.