3TS Converter Duty Contactors

3 TS Converter

3TS Converter duty Contactor

Use of power electronics is on the rise across all industries, be it renewables, heavy industries or conventional machines. With advent of digitalization, need for secure power via USP has gained significance. Converters used in these systems play an important role in the way we control and manage power.


Safety of man and machine demands proper remote or local isolation of the system and this can be catered with Siemens robust offering in control products. Our vast experience in drives and power electronics enabled us to design a perfect solution; Siemens 3TS converter duty contactors.


3TS Converter duty contactors can be widely used in:

  • VFD applications
  • UPS
  • Solar and Wind inverters
  • Resistive loads
  • Battery charging


Contactors conform to IEC 60947-4-1. They also carry CE mark.


100 to 630A AC-1 at 415V AC