3VU Motor Starter Protectors / Circuit Breakers

3VS and 3VU Motor Starter Protectors / Circuit Breakers

The 3VS13, 3VS16, 3VU13 & 3VU16 circuit-breakers are compact circuit-breakers, for currents up to 63 A which operate according to the current limiting principle.


3VS/3VU circuit breakers can be used in Machine Tools, textile machinery, automobile, food and many other process industries where robust and compact devices are required for protection & switching of motor & plants loads. 3VS/3VU breakers protect motors against overload, single phasing and short circuit faults. 

3 VS Busbar Mounting


  • Space saving compact modular design.
  • Finger touch proof and open terminals with SIGUT connection technique.
  • Optional integrated auxiliary contacts save space and time.
  • Complemented by useful accessories, like Under voltage , Shunt Release, Add-on Aux. contacts , Busbar systems , Door operating mechanism.